Monday, March 23, 2015

Skitarii Model and Rules Leaks

As the title implies, we've seen some early leaks of the new Skitarii/AdMech units and models that look to be in this week's upcoming White Dwarf. Check them out:

The infantry looks to be a dual kit with ranged and close fire support options. Weapon rules are still lacking so there are still quite a few question marks as far as how they'll work in the game.

Additionally there looks to be a walker dual kit on either a large round or large oval MC base. I would expect these walkers to be Squadrons (they are!) or maybe even have a Toughness value instead of an AV.

Edit: More Rules!

The Dunestrider rules makes these guys pretty fast, and the Dragoons could be a very speedy assault unit with 9" move and +3" to their charge range. And only 45 points makes the flimsiness of the 2HP AV11 frame worthwhile.

And Wargear!

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