Monday, March 2, 2015

Forge the Narrative Seasonal Pic Dump

Chandler and I went to the second Forge the Narrative Seasonal over the weekend and had a complete blast. I only went 1-4, but came in 31st Overall, 32nd in Battle Points, 11th in Paint Score (out of 52)and had five really fun games against five beautiful armies.

Best General Thomas Byrd and his ridiculously awesome True Scale Lightning Claw Trophy
It was a complete mad dash to the finish, with me painting my Dimachaeron, a Flyrant, and 3 Rippers all last week, as well as laying down the airbrush basics and some weathering on Chandler's final Land Raider for his list until 3:00am on Saturday.

Saturday morning we rolled up to Atomic Empire and got set up and met everyone. I brought my wife's camera and walked around to get some shots of most of the armies that were set up. I know I missed a few, but here are a bunch of the pics I took:

My buddy Adam's beautiful Tau army that took home best painted. 

Another guy I faced at SCARAB last year, Josh, brought these Knights and Nids to play.

 Six Flyrants in that army! Six! One is the Skytyrant with all sorts of combat goodness and a group of Gargoyles.

Another guy from SCARAB 2014, Steve Bewley's Tzeentch Daemons. We got a rematch in round 4.

Really like the "Reign of Fire" Heldrake. At least, that's what he makes me think of.

Darryl's Nurgle Daemons and Brass Scorpion. That model was much bigger than I expected.

Blue's Knights and Astra Militarum. Looking great as usual.

Josh Kinder's beautiful "Grey Knights" and "Blood Angels" army which I got to play Round 3. The 30k Death Guard and Thousand Sons looked awesome, and the Typhon tank was intimidating to say the least.

In the middle of Vulkan Lives, so had to check out these Salamanders. The bases were really pretty cool and well done.

My 5th Round opponent, Mark, had these awesome Eldar. I liked the scheme, in particular the subtle pattern he put into the orange panels on the serpents.

This is more than he actually played with, but he had to show off all the cool toys and great paint jobs.

Chandler's favorite - lit up models.

The eventual Best General, Thomas's army. Looked beautiful, though I'm not sure I'd want to line up across the table with it.

I'll write up some quick battle reports in the coming days and post those up. Sadly, I did not take pictures of all of my games, or even my own army set up (d'oh!), and all five of my opponents had great looking armies.

For now, I'll just leave with saying I had an absolute blast and will be keeping my eye out for the next one. It's definitely worth checking out. Also, if you're in the Durham, NC area, check out Atomic Empire; that store is insane - by far the biggest shop I've ever seen and tons of stuff and space for games. I picked up a handful of Vallejo Air paints and some Secret Weapon weathering pigments that I have to learn to use. 

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