Friday, February 27, 2015

Final Playtest and List for FTN Seasonal

With my army all packed up for the FTN Seasonal this weekend, I wanted to share my last minute tweaks and final play test. Earlier this week I got a game in with my orignal list against Alex and his Necrons.

We played Mission 6 in the FTN Mission Pack, which is a Kill Point Primary, with elevated Linebreaker Secondary and Relic tertiary.

Alex brought a pretty cool Necron list with a strong ground and close combat presence:

  • Mephrit Dynasty Cohort
    • Orikan the Diviner
    • Overlord: Warlord, Edge of Eternity, Solar Thermasite, Nightmare Shroud, Resurrection Orb, Phylactery
    • 20 Flayed Ones
    • 10 Lychguard: Shields
    • 8 Immortals
    • 5 Immortals: Night Scythe
    • 5 Immortals: Night Scythe
  • Canoptek Harvest Formation
    • Spyder: Gloom Prism
    • 6 Wraiths: 6 Whip Coils
    • 3 Scarabs
Alex went first and deployed across the front of his deployment. I decided to keep my Dimachaeron on the board and deployed him in the back with a screen of Termagants and Malanthrope synapse anchor. The FMCs all went on my right flank. 

Turn 1 saw the Necrons rush forward. The FMCs rolled up the right flank, and dropped a couple flayed ones, but most were saved by the Resurrection Orb and tanking Warlord. 

Turn 2, both Night Scythes arrived and Orikan went Super-Saiyan. The Wraiths picked up the Relic momentarily and most of the army spread out to limit FMC movement. Shooting promptly wounded and dropped a Crone, who was summarily eaten by the Flayed Ones. In the bottom of the turn neither Mawloc arrived, but one set of rippers and the hormagaunts in pod did. They both dropped in the backfield and the Flyers moved up to the Night Scythes. Shooting took one Night Scythe down and wiped out the Scarabs. 

Turn 3 the Wraiths dropped the relic and ran back to take on the hormagaunts while the Flayed ones and Lychguard positioned to charge any FMCs that fell down. Shooting dealt a few wounds across a couple tyrants and crones, but none failed grounding. The wraiths assaulted the hormagaunts and summarily butchered them. In my turn, a single Mawloc arrived, dealt a single wound to the Spyder, then rolled a 1 on its mishap and died. Shooting was largely ineffective as flyrants and the crone wheeled around, though the Crone flew off, killing an Immortal with a Vector Strike as it went. 

The remainder of the game played out with most of my units unable to take down significant numbers of Necrons (with the exception of the Dimachaeron which wiped out the Flayed Ones in a single round of combat). Meanwhile Alex dominated on Kill Points, in part by wiping out a detachment (which awards double points for all units in that detachment). 

We talked about the game afterward and a couple outcomes were that Orikan plus Lychguard can walk into the middle of the board and dare anyone to come close, and that I was undone by my reserve rolls. Without redoing the entire list, we decided the best way to fit a Bastion with a Comms Relay was to drop a Crone. Had the Mawlocs both arrived on Turn 2, there was some great spots for them to hit in the middle of the army, and quite possibly take out the Tomb Spyder, which would have made the Wraiths easier targets. A Comms Relay also would have helped me keep my squishy troop units out of harms way longer, letting the Flyrants and Mawlocs clean up more. 

With those lessons in mind, my final tweaks to the list give me this army:
  • CAD - Primary:
    • Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 TL Devourers, Electroshock Grubs
    • Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 TL Devourers, Electroshock Grubs
    • Malanthrope
    • 3 Rippers: Deep Strike
    • 3 Rippers: Deep Strike
    • Dimachaeron
    • Hive Crone
    • Mawloc
    • Mawloc
    • Tyrannocyte
    • Imperial Bastion: Comms Relay
  • CAD:
    • Hive Tyrant: Wings, 2 TL Devourers, Electroshock Grubs
    • Tyrant Guard: Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs
    • 10 Termagants
    • 10 Hormagaunts
The army is all packed and ready to go down to Durham to mix it up. Looking forward to meeting anyone who makes the trip and getting some good games in. 

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