Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FTGT January Hobby Challenge Check In

Hi All, it's the first week of the month, which means check in time for the FTGT Hobby Challenge. This month I finished a Riptide for my challenge, going a few dollars over budget with the rollover from my first month.

I am away from home this week, so didn't have my lightbox, but I hope you can see the details of the mini. Now, a couple notes - obviously I haven't finished the base. I also didn't include the secondary weapons (they're about 90% painted and forgotten at home).

This is my first of two Riptides I will be doing. I'm planning, for my February challenge, to paint up the second Riptide. This will leave me a bit short for my March budget, but two months of going $10 under budget with boxes of Crisis Suits will get me back in the black.

Outside the challenge, I have quite a few Tyranids to paint up for the Forge the Narrative Seasonal at the end of the month. I'm also getting called by the new Necron rules and will likely expand my Necron army before too long.

Thanks again to everyone participating on the Facebook group. If you haven't already, check it out and look at all the cool projects people have been completing like these:

Again, check out the Facebook group for more cool content and to jump in on the challenge and post your own work!

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