Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Painting: Dimachaeron

With the last few days leading up to the FTN Seasonal I knocked out my Dimachaeron from Forge World. Let me just say, this is one of the nicest, most detailed models I've ever worked with. It honestly made painting it a lot of fun and pretty easy, as I let the model do a good bit of the hard work for me when it came to highlights and recesses.

I started with my typical grey primer, then airbrushed then entire model Raven Black. For this model, that's actually where I stopped airbrushing. I went along with Khorne Red on the carapace and a mix of Jade Green and Raven black for the skin, using an overbrushing technique. Basically, making sure the brush didn't dip into major recesses, but otherwise some pretty complete coverage. This was heavier on the carapace while I left a lot more black on the skin.

After this it was time for the slightly more detail work. Quite simply went along and picked out raised edges on the skin with Jade green and then Jade Green mixed with White. I also went in and painted some of the fleshy connection pieces my Putrid Green with a black wash and then added white for highlights.

Lastly, I went back and feathered Mephiston Red on the carapace pieces. 

Once the monster itself was complete I went to work on the base elements. The model is standing on a rock and some ruined architecture, so I decided to add some ruins elements to the base. Namely, I made steel girders/beams using some of the FW flash that came on the bits and a random piece of plasticard. I covered the base with my standard basing material (which I'm running low on, and have no idea where it came from originally). Everything was painted black and then drybrushed grey. Finally I started picking out the metal bits with silvers, then used Typhus Corrosion, Ryza Rust, and a little Nilakh Oxide to weather the metals. 

So with that, the Dima was done. What do you think?

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