Thursday, February 19, 2015

Painted Tyrannocyte

Hey Guys. It's been a while since I did a generic painting post, so I thought I'd share some quick hits from the most recent model I painted, my Tyrannocyte.

As you probably know, this is just a massive model. I don't have a comparison shot for you, but hopefully by next week I'll have the whole army for the FTN Seasonal on a display board. Anyway, into the Tyrannocyte painting.

As normal, I started out with using my Stynylrez Gray Primer. I also primed the Dimachaeron while I was at it. As you can see in the pic, I kept the Tyrannocyte in several pieces, including the top and bottom halves. The theory being that I can also use it as a Sporocyst should I choose.

I also magnetized the weapon options, though for this time around I only painted the deathspitters as the other options are pretty pointless given the LVO/ITC FAQ ruling that they are hull mounted. 

I did a little bit of preshading for the green sections by creating a red wash and going over many of the recesses and creases. Then I went back to the airbrush and applied my Jade Green, with highlights of Jade Green and Snow White. 

I also went back and added some darker sections by mixing in some black with the jade green. Then I moved onto the carapace, which was Minitaire Angel Blood and then Nebula Red. Again, I went back and added black for the recesses.

After attaching the carapace plates, I decided that the top bits were far too green for my scheme, so I went over them with a very heavy black wash, knocking most of it back down to nearly black. Then I went back in with Angelic Blood and Nebula Red to paint the smaller chitin plates. This was followed by feathering Mephiston Red on all the Chitin bits.

I rounded out the night painting my Putrid Green fleshy bits. Black Wash and then bringing it back up. I also painted up the base, working on some Marble schemes for the tiles.

With the Sporocyst finished, my plan for the Seasonal is to knock out the Dimachaeron and a Flyrant in the next week, along with 3 Rippers. As such, the Tyrannocyte might end up being my stand in for the FTGT Hobby Challenge for February, but more on that after the seasonal.

So, what do you think of the drop pod of doom? Thanks for checking it out.

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