Monday, March 23, 2015

Lost Level (+UP) 40k Tournament - Roanoke - March 28

As the title indicates, I'm planning on going to a 40k Tournament this coming weekend in Roanoke, VA. The tournament is taking place at the Lost Level (+UP) Con at the Ramada Inn. Armies must be 1,000 points, Battle Forged, no Escalation or FW. The full rules are here and missions here.

I'm currently debating between two lists. The first, shown above, will require me to paint up the Ethereal, but is otherwise good to go. The army is relatively durable, highly mobile, and has a pretty good fire output. Nothing not to like there. I'm including a basic Farseer, and while I could, I will not use him to summon, out of principle.

The other list I'm looking at is my variant of a 1k Lychstar Necron list. The biggest hangup with this list from a fielding perspective is that it's currently largely unpainted:

The list would be a CAD and a Royal Court Formation, with Zahndrekh as warlord, accompanied by Orikan, Obyron, and a Destroyer lord. The rest of the army would be 19 models: 9 Lychguard with shields and two groups of 5 Immortals. 

This army would be super durable, capable of dealing damage in combat primarily, and also be a big roadblock. Mission 1 is Kill Points primary, which strongly favors this list. However, it's a Battle Point format, and the secondary is holding the most of 5 objectives. Having essentially just three units, that can become problematic. That said, the army's mobility issues are largely counteracted by the 4x4 board size, which should allow the Lychguard unit to be bullies and eat up space. Another positive for this list is the fact that it's a lot like moving one giant model around. Games should be fun, quick, and straightforward.

Honestly, at this point, I'm leaning toward heroing out 10 Lychguard and the HQs this week over the Taudar list. It's more straightforward to use (which is nice, considering I haven't really playtested with either list), there's less to keep track of (set WL trait and no Psychic Powers), and I've actually gotten a couple complaints about the idea of me bringing the Taudar list. That said, I can't promise the Necrons are a "nicer" list, and honestly I think I have better chances of winning.

The consideration for taking the Taudar is that I do pride myself on painting and would love to take home Best Painted. I feel that my Tau and Eldar are potentailly up to snuff, and if I crank out 15-25 models in a week, the Necrons may not be.

Anyway, thoughts? And if you happen to be in the area, come check out the con. There may be a couple spots remaining, so if you want to participate, sign up soon, as in today. 

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