Tuesday, March 31, 2015

FTGT T-Shirt Design Contest

As I mentioned yesterday, we are holding a Design Contest for our next FTGT T-Shirts. We've had our last iteration of shirts for about a year now, and they could use an update. Not to mention, we would love to be able to offer shirts for purchase to anyone who likes us or just likes the shirt.

For the contest, we're opening the door to any and all designs. We have used CustomInk for our shirts in the past, so encourage you to design on their website and share the design with the blog email: ftgtgaming [at] gmail.com. That said, you are free to email designs in other forms or just generic descriptions, using "T-Shirt Design Contest" as the Subject line.
For the contest, you are welcome to use the blog logos and images like the banner above or the podcast banner.

The contest is open as of today, and we will accept entries through April 30th. On May 1 we will review the entries and select our favorites (3-5, depending on entries) and post a poll. The poll will run for a little over 2 weeks, closing at midnight on May 17. The winner will be announced on May 18th and at that time we will set up orders for anyone interested in purchasing the T-Shirt. 

The winner of the design contest will receive four (4) entries into a raffle for a free shirt. For all others, price with shipping will depend on the number we sell, so we will only be able to provide a max price estimate, and hopefully get it lower. 

Important Dates:
  • April 30: Last day for entries into the design contest.
  • May 1-17: Poll for the T-Shirt Design
  • May 18: Winning design announced and order form goes live.
  • June 8: FTGT Hobby Challenge Raffle is closed and winner of free shirt is selected. Orders are finalized.
The contest is live - so get those designs in! Feel free to submit more than one too.

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