Friday, July 25, 2014

White Dwarf #26 - Enter the Stormfang

This week the Space Wolves get their flyers and the Sons of Russ take to the air in two very Wolfie Flyers.
One is the Stormwolf and the other is the Stormfang.  Both have unique qualities and abilities.  We have a new book from the Black Library and dive into the Space Wolves and their chapter history.

First thing first is the Wolves' new flyers. That's right, Flyers. The first is the Stormfang.
Stormfang Gunship
The Stormfang is AV 12 with 3 HP.  It has a Transport capacity of 6 models (with an access point at the back of the ship), Power of the Machine Spirit, and the Helfrost Destructor, Two Twin-linked Heavy Bolters, Two Stormstrike Missiles, and Ceramite Plating. The Bolters can be replaced by Skyhammer Missile launcher or two twinlinked Multi-Meltas.  It can also replace the stormstrike missiles for a twin linked Lascannon.  This is a gunship of beastly proportions. The main gun on the front is that of the Helfrost Destructor which can be fired as Dispersed S6 AP 3 Heavy 1, Helfrost, Large Blast; or Focused S8 AP 1 Heavy 1, Helfrost, Lance (both at a 24" range). The Helfrost Rule applies when a model suffers one or more unsaved wounds from the weapon, it must pass a separate Strength test for each wound suffered or be removed from play.  This is a beast of a ship meant to hunt anything and everything in the air and on the ground.

Now it's brother, the Stormwolf, is a transport of epic proportions. 

It boasts the same stat line as it's brother, but has a much bigger interior. It can carry sixteen models, one access point at the front of the ship, Assault Vehicle, Power of the Machine Spirit, Twin-linked helfrost cannon, Twin-linked lascannon, two twin-linked heavy bolters, ceramite plating, and it can switch out the heavy bolters just like its brother. The Helfrost Cannon is the same as the Disrupter except for it is Heavy 1 Helfrost Blast on Dispersed, and Focussed Heavy 1, Helfrost.  This is a Transport that will be interesting to see what we can do with it.  Sixteen models is nothing to scoff at and with an assault ramp that means that turn three you can have a strike force somewhere on the board ready to do work.

Now one thing that is confusing is that of the Helfrost Cannon under the Stormfang where it is 72" range, S 8, AP 2, Heavy 1, Concussive, and one use only.  Not sure if I missed something, but there you go.

The Designers notes talk about how they came up with the cool designs for the two flyers. They were built to look more like ships and less like air craft.  Not only that, but this build was designed to have two very unique designs with two awesome roles.

The Wolves are talked about in depth looking at their History, The Great Companies, and how The Sons of Russ do not quite operate in the same manner as other Chapters.

In the This Week in White Dwarf, they talk about the world of Fenris, the Glimmerfrost Crystals (how the Wolves create the Helfrost Weapons), Kill Team on Steam, and how to Mark the Ships based upon their role in the Army.  

The rest of the edition has some funny weapons, cool stories, and good models from readers and different areas of GW.  Check out the War Diary for some awesome Armies on Parade for 2014 where we see some great models and some fantastic pictures.

And Tomorrow.........The Rout is Unleashed......

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