Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ron NOVA painting preparation - 7 weeks out

Hey guys!

Ron here with my to-do painting list for NOVA.  This series will hopefully help me conquer the grey tide I need to paint for NOVA, and provide you ample opportunities to ridicule my painting abilities!

You got a purty mouth
7 weeks to go!

To-do list based on weeks out from Nova:
  Week 7 - Flying Tyrant #2 - In Progress (75+% complete)

Week 6 - Exocrine #1 - base coated and washed

  Week 5 - Exocrine #2
  Week 4 - 3 Zoanthropes
  Week 3 - Venomthrope, 3 color gaunts for tervigon spawns and 3 forgeworld rippers
  Week 2 - Flying tyrant #3
  Week 1 - Wrap up, counters, markers, psychic power cards etc

Here is a parting shot of what I already have finished:

This Picture will be updated each week with the finished portion of my army.

So there we have it!  It'll be a crash and burn pace to finish everything, but I think I'll just about make it! Thanks for any/all motivation, looking forward to NOVA!  Feel free to leave any comments you want down below.


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