Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tourney play and using your favorite suboptimal units.

Hey everyone BeeCee here,

As I am putting the finishing touches on the 1500 point list for this weekend, I got to thinking about what it means to make that leap from completely casual player to someone who wants to do well in tournaments. I am in the midst of that leap now, so I want to talk about one of my initial observations.

There are some compromises you have to make if you want to do well. You have to be willing to not include units that you may be partial to or really like the models for. I think this might be one of the single biggest bummers in the game, coming to terms that you won't regularly use 50-75% of your codex on a regular basis.

This became obvious for me with Tyranids. It feels like no matter what list I create, I end up shifting back to the same few units for my army lists. Perhaps this shows a lack of imagination in my list building, I am not sure.

A great example of this is the Tyranid Ravener or Trygon. I think the models for both of these units are absolutely amazing. I love the way they look, I love the fluff about how they burrow through the ground to launch surprise assaults on enemy positions.

The problem is that doesn't really translate well in the game. The surprise assault is pretty much they arrive from deep strike and then spend a minute doing their best James P. Sullivan, all time scare record holder, pose. Of course in the minute it takes them to collect all the scream they need to keep the monster world going, my opponent has unloaded a round of shooting into my worms, turning them in to a pile of goo.

Someone's getting close to the all time scare record!
There are of course examples of amazing looking/fluffy units that don't translate well on the table in every codex. What are some units that you all like that just can't fit into a winning list?

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