Tuesday, July 29, 2014

NOVA Bound: Transcendent C'Tan, Nids, and VASSAL

NOVA is swiftly approaching - I've put a countdown timer on the right of the blog. With a busy July, going has been slow for the most part, but I'm getting comfortable with my lists and the to-do list by the end of August. First on my list was my Transcendent C'Tan stand in from MasterCrafted Miniatures.

To make sure he stood out from the rest of the army, I decided to take my complimentary Orange/Red from the Overlord and make it the primary color for the C'Tan. This was complimented by bone on the plates and some OSL and general blue glow on the hands and base.

Outside of the C'Tan, I've continued assembling some Command and Annihilation Barges (aka, douche canoes). I also slapped the Deathmarks together. I have to say, I'm looking forward to airbrushing them as they have quite a few "glowy bits" to do OSL on, and should hold a bit more interest than the warriors and Immortals.

For the Tyranids I got to work on some FW Rippers. I also picked up a box of the new warriors and am working on putting them together. The past couple nights have been me fighting with my glue and magnets, trying to keep options open for the equipment. For NOVA I need them with devourers, but that's probably the most boring option available. The rending claws and bonesword/lashwhips are so cool looking that I'd like the ability to swap them out later.

Finally, I got a second VASSAL game together. I decided to go up against a Super Friends bike star list with Iron Hands allies. The mission was #2 from the NOVA Mission Pack, which had modified Relic rules, as well as 4 objectives. I might do another bat rep of it, but for now, I'll stick with saying it went well for the Tyranids, again.

Next time I get a chance to simulate a game, it will be a killpoint mission, and I'm thinking of going up against either Knights with Marine allies, or an Eldar list of some sort. Let me know what you think the hardest matchup would be in the comments below.

To close out, just a quick look at my ToDo list and how it's coming along:

  • Must Paint:
    • Catacomb Command Barge (assembled)
      • Lord - 95%
    • Transcendent C'Tan
    • 2 Annihilation Barges
      • One 80% assembled
    • 2 Night Scythes
    • 10 Immortals
    • 5 Deathmarks
      • Assembled
    • 5 Scarab Bases
    • 3 Tyranid Warriors
      • 33% assembled
    • 3 Ripper Swarms
      • 75% painted
    • Touch up Biovores
  • Stretch Goals
    • 2 Crypteks
      • Assembled and Primed
    • Trios Display Board
    • Malifaux Crew (90% assembled):
      • Jakob Lynch
      • Hungering Darkness
      • 3 Illuminated
      • Mr. Graves

Still a fair bit to do, but the Necrons are just assembly and one paint day away. Tyranids take a bit longer to paint, and the magnets aren't cooperating for the warriors, but I'm pretty comfortable with where I am. Of my Stretch Goals, the Cyrpteks will get done. I'm still hopeful about the display board, and have a cool idea. I am much less confident about the Malifaux Crew - I want to make sure I'm giving these guys my best, so I'm not going to try to crank them out just to have them done.

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