Friday, July 18, 2014

White Dwarf #25 - Realm of Battle Boards

Another week and another White Dwarf. This time there aren't any major new releases, with the closest being the repackaging of the Dark Vengeance box.

There are also new releases including new Imperial Realm of Battle boards, which look interesting, but I am sure will be priced out of range of anything I'd be interested in.

New releases also includes two Ork combination packages. Dark Vengeance is also being re-released with the new mini rule book, and also an aspiring champion model added. GW has also decided to throw their hat in the molded base arena with an Imperialis Basing Kit, which includes some molded bases.

They look pretty nice, but I'm not sure they're $33 nice, though 20 25mm bases and 5 40mm bases isn't bad.

After the new release section is a battle report on the new Sector Imperialis boards, playing Crusade. The battle report looks to be a good bit more detailed than the past few weeks, with turn by turn breakdowns for most of it.

The next article is a feature on the River Trolls models. This is followed by a glimpse at a very nice collection of some Horus Heresy models. This article ends with an example of Zenthial priming for quick shading/highlighting, though the example pics are unfortunately pretty poor effort, and to me anyway, are an underwhelming representation of the potential of preshading with an airbrush.

This month's Paint Splatter focuses on painting the various surfaces of the realm of battle boards. This is followed by Designers Notes on the boards.

The remainder of the articles are brief snippets. The saddest of which I thought was a mention that the Realm of Battle boards suck to roll dice on, so use a box instead. I would have already guessed it, but it seems like reverse marketing to admit such a glaring flaw in your quite expensive item.

Sadly there are no interesting rules leaks this week, and no major hints at what is to come.

Oh, and no, Codex Apocrypha is nothing special. It's a regular feature that's been there for a while about random lore.

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