Thursday, June 5, 2014

Terrain Daze II - Painted Terrain

So, a few of you longtime followers might remember about a YEAR ago, I built several ruins and a couple hills and based them. This last weekend I finally got around to painting them up. In Terrain Daze a couple weeks ago I painted a GW piece along with my rock arch with my airbrush. While I liked the effect it gave, for base coats it was definitely slow. This time, I decided to go with some craft paints and cheap, large paint brushes and sponges.

As with the other pieces, for the ground, I'm going to match or mirror my Barren Wasteland Gaming mat colors, so started with a Burnt Umber/Dark Brown, followed by a medium brown and final bone/sand highlight. Then, for the ruins themselves, I added two drybrushes of increasingly light grey.

I also worked on a Tank Trap/Obstacle base I'd put together. For this one I had a little more fun, and painted the obstacles with a silver, followed by Typhus Corrosion, then Ryza rust, and finally a light silver drybrush.

Finally, on the two GW ruins, there were a couple icons and the like on the walls, which I painted gold, followed by the Nihilakh Oxide technical paint.

Back to the ruins I made, again the shout out to +Dave Weston for providing some awesome building templates, which is the only reason I have a couple ruins I'm pretty proud of.

I am now am up to 5 ruins, a hill, a rock pile, two swamps, and a chaos ruined temple painted up and ready for a display board game. I could still use a bit more and bigger LOS blocking terrain, and a bigger hill or two, but considering what I had looking good just a few weeks ago, I am very happy.

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