Friday, June 20, 2014

White Dwarf #21 - Orks, with a Codex!

Well, the White Dwarf with the Ork Codex is finally here. Preorders going up today, it looks like the Limited Edition Codex got an overhaul this time, and comes with a little more than just a slip cover.

The new releases include new Mek and Painboy models, as well as the Codex and special Ork Cards (7 Psychic Powers and 36 Ork Specific Tactical Objectives).

As for the Warboss Edition, it includes two books (Waaagh! Ghazghkull and Codex Orks), an art section, the Ork Datacards, and a set of Objective Tokens. The Waaagh! Ghazghkull is a supplement focused on Ghazghkull's illustrious Ork Kareer, and is available a few weeks early through this set. Some of the Ork Tactical Objectives include a point for rolling 10+" on a charge ("Ere we Go! Waaagh!").

The next sections of the White Dwarf include some background on OddBoyz and then some Hobbit stuff.

The Paint Splatter focuses on the new Painboy model, who is admittedly pretty cool.

In the Rules section, the Looted Wagon is included, with a base price under 40 points. The Don't Press Dat rule is still in effect, and the base Wagon has a 12 man transport capacity and is open topped, though with an option for the 'Ard Case upgrade (15 points). Other upgrades include a deff rolla for only 10 points, so I'm assuming it's changed, and various guns; up to 3 of the standard upgrade Ork guns, and an optional Killkannon.

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