Friday, June 27, 2014

Codex Orks First Look

The first 7th Edition Codex is now officially out (more or less, still seemed a little early). We've been getting leaks since last week, but as always I tended to be skeptical. Anyway, let's dive in.

The first thing I noticed is that the format of the book is different. Granted, I am looking at the digital edition, but past digital codices have closely mirrored the physical books. The "Forces of the Orks" section says that each unit has a datasheet, which detail Army List Entries or formations. No more do we see the split of detailed rules and fluff and the army list entry. These datasheet entries look exactly like the ones we've seen for the units released in White Dwarf, like the Mek Guns.

The overview of how to read the datasheets is followed by the Ork Wargear section, which lists points. Descriptions appear to be included in the appendix.

From there the book jumps into units. The warboss appears unchanged, though the Waaagh! rule is summarized, and does indeed allow units to charge in the same turn they run if they have the 'Ere We Go! rule.

Weirdboys went down 10 points. He is a level 1 psyker and generates a bonus Warp Charge if there are 10+ boyz with the 'Ere we Go! rule within 12". Additionally, he takes a S2 hit with no saves if he does not successfully cast a power that phase, though it doesn't apply if he's embarked. The upgrade to level 2 is cheaper, at the standard +25 points.

Meks are 15 points and can be taken one for each HQ choice taken. These Meks must be assigned to a unit in deployment and is a character. A big mek is more or less unchanged.

Painboyz are now an HQ Choice by themselves. Mad Dok Grotsnik is the same points, but he no longer allows for cheap cybork upgrades.

Zagstruk and Kaptin Badrukk are both HQ choices as well.

Boyz are the same price for slugga boyz, but shootas are an extra point each. Grots are the same price, but the first runtherd comes in at half price.

Burna Boyz went up 1 point each and may now take a trukk. Tankbustas went down two points a model. They also gained a dedicated transport choice and get a bonus point for First Blood if they destroy a vehicle for First Blood.

Nobz went down 2 points a model and the Waaagh! Banner got more expensive. Biker Nobz are the same price. Meganobz are the same price, but have some new options, including replacing both weapons with two killsaws.

Kommandos gained stealth and are otherwise mostly unchanged, though Rokkit upgrades got cheaper. Snikrot is his own entry (but if there are Kommados in the detachment, he does not take up a slot) and is cheaper. He also allows his unit to outflank from ANY table edge and the unit gains Shrouded for that turn instead of stealth.

Trukks got cheaper and get rokkit launchas for free. They're also technically a Fast Attack entry and can be taken independent of units.

Stormboyz went down by 3 points per model. Deffkoptas went down 5 points and get rokkit launchas or mega-blasta upgrades for free.

The Dakkajet is the same base cost, though some upgrades got more expensive. Burna-Bommers went down 10 points. The Blitza-Bommer is largely unchanged.

Warbikers are significantly cheaper, down 7 points. Wazdakka gets a fluff box, but no rules.

Warbuggies went down 5 points and Skorchas automatically get the Wartrakk upgrade. They also get the Outflank special rule, which seems like a nice bonus.

Battlewagons went up in cost by 20 points, and Deff Dreads went up 5. Killa Kans went up 15 points, though Rokkit Launcha upgrades are now free.

Lootas moved to Heavy Support and went down a point. Otherwise they appear unchanged.

Ghazghkull is indeed a Lord of War, though his profile is unchanged. He did gain Eternal Warrior, and his Prophet of Gork and Mork rule allows him and his unit with MegaArmor to run despite being slow and purposeful when declaring a Waaagh!.

An Ork Warband is a specific formation, consisting of a Warboss, a Mek, a unit of Nobz or Meganobs, 6 units of Boyz, and 1 unit of Gretchin. The warboss would get to reroll his warlord trait if rolling on the Orks table. Each unit of 10+ gains the Hammer of Wrath special rule if they get a roll of 10+ on the charge range. Finally, the Warboss can call a Waaagh! every turn after the first.

In the appendix, the special rules are defined. 'Ere We Go! allows the unit to re-roll a single die for charge range.

The warlord traits are nicely Ork-centric. Prophet of the Waaagh! gives the Waaagh! special rule, or boosts the Waaagh if the warlord already has it, giving affected units Fearless. Bellowing Tyrant allows units within 12" to reroll failed morale and pinning checks. Like a Thunderbolt! essentially gives units within 12" modified fleet. Brutal but Kunnin' gives a re-roll on a to-hit or to-wound roll each turn. Kunnin' but Brutal allows a re-roll of a save each turn (not cover, but armor or invul). Finally, Might is Right gives the Warlord +1S on his profile.

Tucked in the back of the appendix is the Ork Horde Detachment, which gains the same rules as the Ork Warband formation, and consists of 1-3 HQ; 3-9 Troop; 0-3 Elites, Fast attack and Heavy Support; and 0-1 Fortification and Lord of War.

Finally, there are 6 Ork Tactical objectives that must replace the 11-16 results on the regular table, with Ork specific objectives: 1VP for destroying an enemy unit in the shooting phase; 1VP for your warlord killing an opponent in a challeng, and D3 if he killed the opposing warlord in the challenge; 1VP for destroying a unit in Assault, D3 if 3-5 units were destroyed, and D3+3 if 6+ units were destroyed; 1VP if three or more units turbo boosted, went flat out, or ran 6" or more; Roll a D6 and gain a VP for controlling the associated objective; and finally 1VP for successfully charging a unit with a roll of 10+, and D3 if 3+ Ork units managed this feat.

So, while this is a very quick perusal of the rules, I can't say I'm terribly excited about the book. I will eventually try out my stormboyz again. The Ork Horde Detachment doesn't feel like enough on the surface to make the Orks more relevant. Waaagh! is certainly better, but we will have to see if that is all that was needed to make an Ork assault viable.

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