Friday, June 27, 2014

Early Ork List Buidling: 1,850 points

Ok, despite a general "meh" feeling I got at first, I couldn't help but get to work building some lists. For this first list I picked a bunch of stuff I liked the sound of, so it's probably not very cohesive, though I think it could be a little intimidating.

First off, it has to be lead by a Warboss. Waaagh! is too good to pass up. He didn't get remarkably better, but I decided to give him Da Finkin' Kap, because 10 points is worth it for a free roll on Strategic Traits, in addition to his Ork Oriented re-roll, shooting for 1 on the Ork Warlord Traits.

Da boss needs some ladz, and I'm not looking at Nobs anymore. Instead I went with 22 'Ard Boyz, accompanied by a Nob, and then a Painboy as well, giving me 24 bodies with FnP.

The Troops are then rounded out by three truck mobz of 11 with a nob and big shoota in a trukk with a Reinforced Ram. Finally, a mob of 30 boyz with a nob and 3 big shootas round out the core of the army. Of course, with Shootas now costing a point per boy, I ditched them for Sluggas.

I then added a third HQ choice (debatable whether to go Ork or just self ally and take Objective Secured with my mobs of Troops) of a Big Mek with Da Fixer Upperz (repair on a 3+) and a Combi Skorcha. He will be accompanied by a Burnas mob with 3 meks, and they'll ride around in a Morkanaut tooled up with Kustom Force Field and Grot Riggers. Basically, this thing is not going to die without everything in the opposing army shooting it... twice. Really, the Stompa does this better, but the size of the bubble coming off the thing should provide some nice protection for my mobz of boyz.

In Fast Attack I added 17 Stormboyz lead by a Nob and 4 Skorchas. Outflanking fast heavy flamers seems strong to me.

In heavy support, in addition to the Morkanaut, I took 3 Mek Gunz with Smasha Guns. Finally with my last 45 points, I added 3 Meks to the Trukk Boyz mobs.

So the final list looks like this:

  • Warboss: 'Eavy Armor, Power Klaw, TL Shoota, Da Finkin' Kap
  • Painboy
  • Big Mek: Da Fixer Upperz, Combi-Skorcha
  • 22 Boyz: 'Eavy Armor, Nob w/Power Klaw, 2 Big Shootas
  • 11 Boyz: Nob, Big Shoota, Trukk w/Ram
  • 11 Boyz: Nob, Big Shoota, Trukk w/Ram
  • 11 Boyz: Nob, Big Shoota, Trukk w/Ram
  • 30 Boyz: Nob, 3 Big Shootas
  • 5 Burnas: 3 Meks
  • 17 Stormboyz: Nob
  • 4 Warbuggies: Skorchas
  • 3 Mek Gunz: Smasha Guns
  • Morkanaut: Kustom Force Field, Grot Riggers
As I said at the beginning, the list might be too spread out to be all that effective, but I wanted to dabble with everything. I think focusing on a particular build style could add benefit, be it focus more on walkers, big guns in heavy support (including Lootas, they're still good), or lots of Fast Attack, or just waves of boyz. 

What lists or builds are you coming up with or are interested in?

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