Wednesday, April 2, 2014

FTGT Turns 1!

The title of the post says it all. Today, the blog is officially a year old. We've come a long way in that year. My first post cataloged some hopes and aspirations for the blog, as well as the tally of my collection that inspired the name of the blog. I am amazed at how far FTGT has come - I honestly never expected anyone I don't know personally to read it. For that I have to thank each of you who read the blog, whether just on occasion or regularly.

The contributors have grown from just myself to include three other writers who have helped me keep the blog alive and give additional perspectives. The blog started out Tyranid heavy and has stayed that way, though I'd like to think we're branching out a little.
The blog (and newer podcast) have maybe shifted direction a little from when it began. When I started out I was only distantly aware of the tournament scene, but as I became more involved in the internet community, as well as attending my first Tournament, I was hooked on the competitive scene.

That said, I think we still see ourselves as an "everyman" blog - we don't have the hobby time to knock out armies every week, or to dominate tournaments. None of us are going to win a painting competition any time soon, but we like to push ourselves to learn more about the hobby and expand our skills.

A look back at my collection is interesting for me, since it's shifting pretty dramatically:

~4-5,000 points
Dark Eldar
~4,000 points
0* - Selling/Sold
~4,500 points *overestimation I think
~4,000 points
~1,500-2,000 points
~2,000 points
~1,000 points
~1,500 points
~1,500 points
Space Marines
~500 points
~1,500 points
Wood Elves
~1,500 points
~1,500 points* to be sold
Dark Elves
~4,000 points* underestimation
~2,500 points
~2,500 points* to be sold
High Elves
~1,500 points
0* Sold

My collection seemingly hasn't expanded all that much (points wise) since last year, except in terms of Eldar. One nice part is that I didn't add any new armies, though I have recently been turning my assorted bits of Necrons and Space Marines into enough models to be at least an allied force.

I'd like to thank you, each of you who read, comment, and contribute to this blog. Seeing positive reactions to what we post is what keeps this blog going. I mentioned in my first post that I'd love this blog to develop a community of hobbyists and gamers who comment and contribute. I think we've made a few small steps in that direction, but there is a lot left to do. I hope you stick with us, talk to us, give us feedback about the blog or just engage us in conversation about the hobby. If you see us at an event (and we now have shirts), come say hi and let us know what you're up to.

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