Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Facing the Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 6: NOVA With Mike Brandt

What's up everyone?  This week on the Facing the Grey Tide Podcast,  special guest Mike Brandt stopped by to talk shop, have some fun, and give us advice for NOVA, Setting up your own Tournament, and Life in General.  It is a great look into NOVA 2014 and all of the goodness that comes along with it.  

The doors of Facing the Grey Tide were blown in by the Hurricane that is Mike Brandt and we held on for the ride.  

Hope you enjoy the episode.

Facing the Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 6: NOVA with Mike Brandt
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Intro and Exit Provided by Donnie Drost, Angry Ophelia's Song featuring Musetta, edited from original version, 2009 Licensed under Creative Commons

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