Monday, April 21, 2014

Battle for Blacksburg This Saturday!

We're in the home stretch in getting ready for the Battle for Blacksburg, our local 16 person 1,850pt Tournament. There are still three spots available - email aidansb[at]vt[dot]edu to sign up, entry is $20. Ron will be making the trip for the tournament, and representing the Tyranids along with myself.

Time to get an updated shot with an updated list

I've made pretty good progress on getting my 1,850 list completely painted up, recently finishing an exocrine and some warriors, and about 2/3 done with the venomthrope and second crone. To recap, my to-do list from two weeks ago was:

  1. Exocrine
  2. Crone
  3. Warriors
  4. Venomthrope
  5. Bastion

To update and get a little more detailed:
  1. Exocrine - Done except base
  2. Crone - 2/3 (also need 2 flyer bases done)
  3. Warriors - Done
  4. Venomthrope - 2/3
  5. Bastion

I'm hoping to wrap up the Crone and Venomthrope in my next painting session. From there it will be a bit of Airbrushing for bases and the Bastion. I'm hoping to also do some airbrushing on my terrain pieces - I have a Frontline Gaming Mat arriving in the near future and need cool terrain to put on it.

Anyhow, if you're on the fence - come on down to Blacksburg for a good day of gaming, just email Aidan at the address mentioned above and get signed up!

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