Monday, February 3, 2014

Forgeworld Tyranid Dual Devourer Biomorph Peview

Hey guys Ron here -

As some of you saw on the forgeworld blog (and natfka under the post of a new weapon), forgeworld is getting ready to release a model for a twin linked dual devourer.  This is really only necessary for the flying hive tyrant - as the wings and legs leave only one arm slot for weapons - though you certainly could put it on a carnifex and figure out a way to connect it to the second arm slot.  In case you missed it, here is the link, , and here is the photo for comparison/review purposes:

The dual devourer build on the flyrant has been massively popular since the release of 5th edition, and it is a safe bet that many Tyranid players have taken a stab at converting their own - if this came out a couple years ago, I imagine it would sell a lot more.  With that said - I imagine there is a market for this bit, as many hobbyists don't like converting and this may be a step up from slapping on fleshborer hives and calling it a day.  If you've already converted your own set from some other MC arms and gaunt devourers, I think it's going to be less of a 'must buy' for you.  Sure the bit looks good enough, but, in my opinion, there isn't a wow factor that makes me want to shell out ~10$ for a pair (pure speculation on price).

On the blog, we have two different examples/tutorials on conversions for dual devourers:
Evan's - link
Ron's - link 
What do you Nid players think?  Are you shelling out cash for the forgeworld dual devourers? Happy with your conversion?  Or maybe you like the fleshborer hives better than the official/converting?


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