Monday, February 3, 2014

Completed and Fully Magnetized Harpy/Crone

This past weekend, I sat down and devoted more or less my entire my Saturday to painting and just about finishing my Harpy/Crone. As I mentioned in my previous post, I magnetized all the main options. I came in to the day with the base coat and first layers of carapace for the head and back. Something different I tried this time was to paint the carapace with Rhinox Hide for the base color rather than black.

How the body started the day.  

 I took a break on the carapace from where it was and broke out the airbrush to paint the wings and the weapon arms. Quite simply, I airbrushed the majority of each wing section with a light layer of Jade Green. I then began mixing in some white and did some light highlights on each wing section.

Once I finished with the airbrushing, I went back and painted the body, heads, and other various other bits with jade green and the same mix of lighter highlights.

So. Many. Bits
Once the skin green bits were done, I went back and finished the first highlight of the carapace with Khorne Red.

It's getting there...

The Khorne Red was followed Mephiston Red with light feathering. Finally, that was followed by Evil Sunz Scarlett on just the largest plates.

Finally, the fleshy bits and tongue were painted with Moot Green, followed by a Putrid Green highlight, and a final Putrid Green/White highlight.

And with that, the model was done. It sounds kind of simple, but this was a very large model, and took me about 10 hours on Saturday.

The only things I have left are the base (the one below is being borrowed, I'm hoping to do something a little more interesting for this model, but I'm not sure what) and one of the Stranglethorn Cannons (I lost it and didn't realize it wasn't with the other bits until about half way through the process.

Finally, I finished it up with Minitaire's Flat Coat. It ended up a little glossier than I expected, but it stayed clear and didn't cloud at all, which was a problem I had with the last Matte Varnish I was using. I highly recommend it.

All the bits lined up

Harpy variant with Heavy Venom Cannon

I'm very happy with how this model turned out. It was definitely fun to paint, and while it's a long process with a lot of pieces, I won't mind painting two more of them. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the 20-40 termagants I might need to paint as well. But first, I'm sure I'll find a reason to paint my first Exocrine/Haruspex.

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