Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Resolutions - Grey Tide Style

With a hefty bit of plastic currently in various stages of painting, priming, off sprue, and on sprue, I figured this would be a good New Years resolution of sorts.  As with all resolutions, it is all about commitment, determination, and getting that first week under your belt.  With that said, I am currently battling through the second semester of my job, starting coaching, and have a couple of other major things to deal with.  Yet I am going to find time, space, and the willpower to hit all of my goals.  This is going to be a quick, what is my current tide, what I want to get done and by when, and what do I need to do to make sure I get there.

What better way to start the New Year than by realizing how much stuff I really have to get through.

As you can see, I got some painted......and most not

So here is My Grey Tide Resolution.

The Current Grey Tide - (Items that need painting*, Items that need assembling**)

15 Blood Claws*
Ragnar Blackmane*
Logan Grimnar*
Wolf Priest*
8 Wolf Guard Terminators*
3 Thunder Wolves*
1 Thunder Wolf Lord*
Weapons for Dreadnought*
Land Raider Crusader*
Land Raider Redeemer*
Epic Titan*
20 Warriors*
40 Skinks*
1 Stegadon*
3 Iron Hand Snipers*

8 Cold One Calvary
1 Ancient Stegadon
2 Kroxigor
12 Skinks
8 Temple Guard
20 Saurus Warriors
Canis Wolfborn
18 Wolf Terminators
10 Deathwatch
10 Tactical Marines
Iron Hands Master of the Forge on a Bike
Iron Hands Master of the Forge
4 Servitors
3 Thunder Wolf Calvary
1 Thunder Wolf Lord
10 Wolf Guard
3 Drop Pods

And that is only the stuff I am worried about right now.  I have a lot on my plate, but what I have decided to do is very simple.  I am going to break it up into Quarters.

Q1 - January through March
10 Tactical Marines, 3 Drop Pods, Ragnar Blackmane, Wolf Priest, Rhino, Whirlwind, 1 Dreadnought, and 15 Blood Claws

Q2 - April through June
3 Drop Pods, Master of the Forge on Bike, Master of the Forge, 4 Servitors, 3 Thunderwolf Calvary, 2 Wolf Lords

Q3 - July through September
8 Wolf Guard Terminators, Land Raider Redeemer, Land Raider Crusader, 20 Warriors, 20 Skinks, and 2 Kroxigors

Q4 - October through December
18 Wolf Terminators, Canis Wolfborn, 3 Thunder Wolf Calvary, 10 Wolf Guard, 5 Fenrisian Wolves, and Basing all of my models

I know it sounds really ambitious but I am hoping to put if not a huge hole in my Grey Tide, but almost cut it in half.

Hopefully the blog, the guys, and my own drive will keep me on schedule so I can do a dent and a half in it.

Look for a lot of updates on my painting, progress, and hopefully a completed Army over 2k.

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