Friday, June 14, 2013

Twin Linked Dual Devourers for a Flying Hive Tyrant

Hey guys!  Ron here again with my first Tyranid post.  Tyranids are my main army, and my favorite mini for them has to be the flying hive tyrant (flyrant in nerdspeak).

As anyone who has fielded one of these can tell you - the most popular weapons configuration in 6th edition is two sets of twin linked devourers.  Now this presents a conundrum - the hive tyrant box doesn't come with ANY devourers.  You could use the one set of monstrous creature size devourer arms that comes in the Carnifex set - but you will quickly realize that after assembling the flying tyrant with wings and legs - you only have room for one set of devourers.  The answer to this problem is the subject of this post - making your own TL dual devourers.  Evan has shown you one way to do it on the blog (which look great and can be found here: Evan's TL devourers).  Below is my take:

I used crushing claw arms from the carnifex set, metal tyrant lashwhips, and 2 termagant devourers per arm.  You don't have to use metal lashwhips (in fact they may be hard to find now), but I had some laying around, and it made it easy to bend the "tube" to where I wanted it.  The slight downside to using metal is the weight of it.  I pinned the lashwip tube to the plastic arms to ensure I won't have to reglue it after every game.  I also pinned the devourer heads - though you can probably get away with out this.

 After assembly I magnetized the arms and added putty.

Pre painted:

And here is the finished product after painting.  

What do you guys think?  Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below!


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