Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mini Bat Reps: Game Night 1

For the first night of our gaming weekend, we got things started with three minigames, playing randomized 400 point forces on a 3x3 table, with D3+1 pieces of terrain. Round 1 featured Evan vs Chandler, Evan fielding Space Wolves with a Rune Priest and Thunderwolf Calvary while Chandler got Eldar and rolled a Special Character and Heavy Support. Randomizing the special characters, Chandler got Magun Ra. Considering he'd rolled their Phoenix Lord, we determined he had no choice but to run Dark Reapers.

Turn one saw the Thunderwolves stay out of sight of the Reapers, charging hard up the left flank. Meanwhile the Rune Priest trusted his Terminator armor to keep him safe and made a direct 2" march through the ruins. The Eldar shuffled over and opened fire on the Rune Priest, who was able to withstand the fusillade without concern.

The next turn the rune priest moved up again, going a bit further, but still out of range to use either of his powers, while the Thunderwolves kept the woods between them and the Reapers. Sticking to the board edge as much as possible, the Reapers shuffled over again and opened fire on the Rune Priest, felling him in a storm of missiles.

Turn three saw the thunderwolves burst through the woods and gun down a single reaper before charging in. The reapers did a single wound with overwatch fire before wiffing their attacks completely (Magun Ra rolled 4 1s to wound) and suffered another casualty in return. Eventually Magun Ra was on his own, managing to slay a second Thunderwolf before falling himself.

Game two pitted Evan with Orks including 10 Nobz and a Warphead against Ron with more or less the same force of Space Wolves Evan had used the game before. Evan stole the initiative, moved up, and then had his Warphead roll a 1, which he rerolled, resulting in a 5, deepstriking the squad - a scary proposition on such a small board. Evan tried to keep them in the corner and managed to deploy safely and then disperse a little with a run. The thunderwolves promptly moved up and charged, killing two nobz with their initial attacks, suffering five wounds in return. A final thunder hammer wielding rider then proceeded to smash down 4 more Nobz, winning combat and promptly running them down. That was quick!

The final game of the night saw Chandler fielding Old Zogwort and some fully upgraded flash gits and painboy facing 33 gaunts and a Hive Tyrant led by Ron. Chandler stole the initiative and moved forward, hoping to Squigify the Hive Tyrant, but failed the psychic check. The flash gitz then opened fire and caused two wounds with their AP1 fire, though suffered a gets hot wound. The Tyranids moved up and the tyrant's devourers felled a Flash Git.

The next turn the Boyz moved back slightly, staying just within Squigifying range, though this time the Tyrant denied the witch. The Flash gits were unable to to cause any wounds with their AP3 weaponry, losing one to Gets Hot. The Tyranids moved up again, shooting down another Flash Git. The termagants attempted to charge but failed their range, though another Flash Git suffered a wound from his weaponry.

Turn 3 was more or less the last stand - Zogwort got his power through, no denying by Ron. The roll off came up a tie, no squigging. The third turn saw more Flash gits gunned down before getting charged by the termagants, who took down the remaining Orks.

All three games were very fast, but a load of fun. In Game 3, all three of us were honestly rooting for the Hive Tyrant to be turned into a squig on the third turn. Another fun note for game 3, Ron failed three psychic tests to cast Iron Arm with an 11.