Friday, June 28, 2013

Gaming Weekend: Evan's Final Pregame Thoughts

I just wanted to do a quick little update on progress from when we set our gaming weekend a month ago until today, when we kick off the festivities. My only two real accomplishments going into this gaming weekend were finishing the DakkaJet and basing some scenery.

Looking back to my goals post exactly one month ago, my plans definitely took a different course than I'd expected. I had been leaning toward working with some Dark Eldar, but ended up not even touching them in favor of their nobler kin.

The initial plan for the gaming weekend, of a big game between Tau and Orks, has changed a bit as well I believe. While it may still happen, we've been distracted by the prospect of other, smaller and more varied games. We haven't come up with a rock solid plan or timeline, but instead have a bunch of ideas and will go with what we want to do at the time (Being flexible is key - while writing this post Ron had a delay in his schedule, meaning he will be arriving several hours later than planned).  So while a Tau and Ork face off may be in the works, I'm not expecting to have to break out every Ork model I own for the game - though I can if we decide to.

I think the appeal of the smaller games is that I'll get to try out more things. As someone as ADD in the hobby as myself, being able to play with each idea and list that has caught my fancy is exciting. I expect at some point to field my Eldar as well as running some Ork boyz around.

+Chandler D has done a fantastic job of coming up with some exciting mini games, all of which I'm looking forward to. While only one of the three sets are three player, the one on one games are small and short, and I think will still be fun for the third person. I know if I'm sitting out a game, I'm going to be following the game closely, while also doing some general hobbying - assembling some models I haven't gotten to yet, repairing battle damage, or breaking out the airbrush for scenery and base coats.

I suppose the real thing I'm looking forward to is just spending time with my friends talking about the hobby. Which I guess is the real point; the games and the outcomes become secondary. Cheesy as that as.

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