Monday, January 20, 2014

SCARAB GT: Initial Reaction and Thoughts

I had the pleasure of attending the SCARAB GT this past weekend. It was about the same distance drive as NOVA for me, and I'm really glad I decided to make the trip. I brought my Tyranids, partly in the hope that I would be the only one to do so and get best in Codex (which went to Cory, who has an awesome Doom he sculpted from scratch).

Cory's Intimidating Doom ready for his last hurrah.

I met a bunch of great guys who play at Firefly Toys & Games near the convention, and had awesome, fun games all weekend. Thanks again go to Neil from the 11th Company for running the event.

The highlight of the weekend might have been unexpectedly winning Best Painted. I was flattered just to be in the running as one of five guys who maxed out the Level 1 painting score according to the 11th Company Painting Rubric.

The table for second round paint judging
Having won title of Best Painted is going to be both motivating and a little intimidating. I got a lot of compliments on my Mawloc, and will give him credit for my win.  Keeping that in mind, I feel like going forward I'm going to be more motivated to customize my models and make sure I give a full effort on the paint. I'm looking forward to getting my new Tyranid models and taking some cues from both my Mawloc and my airbrush painted Flyrant and Tervigon (which I was told were preferred over my previously painted ones).

Like I said, I was very flattered to win. If I was judging, I may have gone with the Ultramarines; his display board was breathtaking and every model was painted to a very high quality.

All in all, I had a great time. Over the next couple days, I'll get some quick BatReps up for my five games against five great opponents: Josh, Talon, Adam, Trey, and Steve.

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