Friday, January 3, 2014

Evan's 2014 FTGT Resolutions

Hi All. I thought I would put together a 2014 Resolutions list for my goals as a hobbyist in the next year. I've also suggested the other guys do it so I don't look quite so egocentric.

The goal of setting up resolutions like this is to create a set of goals I can track myself on throughout the year. This goes back to what I did with my NOVA prep posts last summer. Hopefully some of you will like the method and adopt something similar. Or maybe you are awesome and already achieve your hobby goals without need for lists. But I like them.

If I broke down the list with every model I hope to paint this post would be entirely too long and no one would enjoy reading it. Instead, I want to define the big picture goals, while keeping them realistic. I could say I want to paint or sell every unpainted model in my Attic of Destiny (trademark pending), but that would be absurd. So anyway, without further gilding the lily, my top 5 hobby goals for 2014:

1. Form Closer Friendships through the Hobby:
This is something I think I did a great job of in 2013, and I want to go above and beyond in 2014. In 2013, I reconnected with a college friend (Ron) and through both involving him in the blog and our chats about the game, planning gaming weekend, etc, I would say we've become closer friends than we were in college. I also made some new friends through the interwebz and this blog.

In 2014, I want to foster the friendships I created in 2013 and rekindle some old friendships through the hobby. Just a couple weeks ago, an old friend of mine who was my only gaming buddy through high school, mentioned he was getting back into the hobby. He is primarily interested in Fantasy instead of 40k, but it's still largely the same language and it's a good motivation to play some Fantasy. Finally, I want to make new friends by going to more events and trying to be a bit more social (which can be a challenge).

2. Have Two Competitive and Tournament Ready (painted) Armies for 40k:
This one is pretty self explanatory. At minimum, my goal is to have a few updates to my Tyranids with the new book to have a competitive ~2k core, while also getting another army painted up. At minimum it will be an 1,850 point army that includes allies - namely Eldar and Tau. However, my stretch goal would be to get to around 1,850 painted of just one, with painted units from the other as a bonus.

3. Try New Things:
This one also seems pretty straightforward, but I want to apply the philosophy to all aspects of my hobby. I want to push myself to try more conversions, particularly more ambitious conversions than simply some part swaps. I want to try new methods and techniques in my painting and broaden my horizons as an artist. Finally, I want to try new things in gaming. I've mentioned before that I bought basic starters for MERCS and Warmachine, but I've never actually played. I would like to play at least one of these games a few times, though I will settle for some games of MYTH and Fantasy.

4. Grow and Improve the Blog:
At the surface this is a pretty straightforward goal. That said, how we will go about improving and expanding the blog could be complex. For starters, we're looking into starting a podcast series so all our loyal readers can hear our golden voices (just to avoid confusion, that is pure bravado and I have nothing to back any of it up with). I will continue trying to publicize the blog through any means I can while trying to stop short of being annoying.

Finally, I am looking to be a bit more proactive about getting feedback. We see ourselves as a blog for the "everyman" gamer - we're not the greatest painters, converters, or gamers, but we enjoy the hobby and try to do as much of it as we can while balancing it with our other daily concerns of jobs and families. That said, we can tell ourselves we're pretty; it doesn't make it true. So what we need is feedback on what you like and what you want to see more of. What can we do to make sure it is worth your time to come check the blog on a regular basis?

and finally...

5. Have Fun, Damnit!:
It is a game after all. Have fun, make sure it's enjoyable.

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