Friday, January 24, 2014

SCARAB GT: Day 2, Game 4 - Tyranids vs. Necrons with CSM

Continuing right along, after two victories helped in large part to my opponents' dice hating them in Game 2 and Game 3, Day 2 saw me matched up against Trey and his Necrons with Chaos Space Marine allies. His list was roughly:

Destroyer Lord: MSS, Sempiternal Weave, Warscythe
4x5 Warriors: Night Scythe
6 Wraiths
3x Annihilation Barge
Daemon Prince
10-15 Cultists
Aegis Defense Line: Comms Relay

The mission was Crusade primary and Emperor's Will secondary, on Dawn of War deployment. Trey won the roll for deployment and chose to make me go first. I had gotten Outflank on my Warlord as his warlord trait, and opted to keep him in reserve, along with my two groups of gants. The biovores and one flyrant deployed on my right, where Trey had placed his Aegis, while the rest of my army, 2 tervigons and hive guard, went middle left. Trey deployed his cultists and one barge behind the aegis, and then the other two barges flanking the wraiths and destroyer lord in the middle.

Turn 1 I flew the flyrant over to the ziggurat in the middle, and moved the tervigons and hive guard up. One tervigon spawned out with 17 (so I couldn't complain) and the other got around 10, who went to camp on my rear objective. The hive guard fired on one of the barges and only managed a single glance. The flyrant fared better and caused 5 unsaved wounds on the wraiths. The biovores fell more into the hive guard camp and only managed to kill two cultists, though they did go to ground. In the bottom of the turn, the barges convened to my right and wiped out one hive guard squad, while the wraiths went to the left of the zuggurat and promptly failed a short charge on termagants. One barge had grounded the flyrant, but failed to wound him, even on the grounding check.

In turn 2, the flyrant about-faced and vector striked the Daemon prince who had flown toward the biovores. My reserve rolls were against me, with the two termagants squads arriving, but the Doom and Flyrant staying in reserve. The Mawloc killed a couple cultists, and then the biovores added some fire, taking the unit down to 2 or 3, though they refused to break. The flyrant did a couple wounds to the daemon prince, while the hive guard destroyed a single barge. Shooting at the wraiths killed one, and then the termagants charged, taking down the wounded wraith at the cost of most of the brood (though the termagant passed his MSS test). In the bottom of the turn, all of the flyers arrived and made for my center. Shooting wiped out the remaining hive guard and some termagants, as well as the Mawloc on the right flank. In the assault phase, the Daemon Prince charged the Biovores and wiffed. Meanwhile the wraiths killed off the remaining termagants.

In Turn 3 the doom and flyrant still didn't arrive. The other flyrant vector struck the cultists, wiping them out and running off the board. In the middle, one tervigon was still spawning strong. The CC tervigon moved up and charged the Wraiths, promptly failing her MSS test and going down to a single wound. The daemon prince killed the remaining biovores. In the bottom of the turn, the flyers generally shot up termagants and failed to hurt the tervigon who had been Iron Armed just about the entire game. The daemon prince charged the termagants near him and promptly wiped them out, while the tervigon killed herself with MSS (so, for the record, termagants were 2-0 against MSS and 1-1 if they had to use their own leadership, while the tervigon was 0-2).

In turn 4, the doom and flyrant finally arrived. The flyrant swooped over the daemon prince, killing him with a vector strike. The doom aimed for the Destroyer Lord but scattered wildly and was well out of position. The other flyrant returned to the board and vector struck a Night Scythe. Combined shooting managed to take out the heldrake, and termagant shooting killed a wraith before drowning the last one in more bodies. The destroyer lord killed a few, though without help from MSS, which the termagants passed again. In the bottom of the turn, three of the night scythes flew off the board while the destroyer lord still shrugged off termagant bodies.

In turn 5, the flyrants managed to take down the lone night scythe while the rest of the army worked at spreading out and bubble wrapping two objectives. In the bottom of the turn, the Night Scythes returned, dropping warriors on two objectives and contesting my Emperor's will objective. Meanwhile, the last squad of warriors walked on the board and took Trey's Emperor's Will objective. In the shooting phase, they shrugged off the Doom and then killed him with some help from night scythes and barges. The night scythes also grounded one flyrant, though again, to no wounds. The game continued to turn 6.

The flyrant moved up to contest the central objective. Shooting downed a couple warriors on my objective, and the termagants tried to run to cover up the hole. I also shot the warriors on his Emperor's Will and downed 3, but failed to do more despite numerous wounds, and two stood back up. In the bottom of the turn, the warriors in my backfield recontested my objective, and the destroyer lord charged the tervigon holding my Scouring objective.

The game ended and we tallied up the score. Trey claimed units in combat could not hold objectives, giving him Crusade as well as Emperor's Will. Looking back, I can't find that rule, so I believe we tied the Primary. That said, Trey won the secondary and had first blood and linebreaker compared to just line breaker for me, so a 5-1 Necron Victory.

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