Friday, January 24, 2014

The Best New Year's Resolutions are the Ones You Have Already Procrastinated...

Greetings everyone, BeeCee here.

So as I was in Google Hangouts with the rest of the FTGT crew we started talking about resolutions and each of us doing a 2014 post. Immediately I got excited about all the things I was going to accomplish in the hobby this year, the fact that I was going to post to the blog more often, and become a better play/hobbyist.

Do I get credit for adding a caption to a blank picture that already has a caption?

Well to add insult to injury, Evan posted his 2014 goals. You can read it here:

How the frikk am I supposed to top Evan's straight out of Hollywood, come to Jesus, Eat Pray Love post about making this blog a better place for humanity, enjoying the hobby, kissing babies and shaking hands post??

Well I'm not going to! My 2014 goals are probably a little more self serving then fellow FTGT blogger and Champion of humanity. So here goes!

Even on their own freakin' codex cover the Nids are getting shot up. At best that warrior on the cover has one wound left... look at the bullet holes in him! SYNAPSE DOES NOT GRANT ETERNAL WARRIOR YOU JERKS!
Tyranids! This is goal number one. Sure the internet is mad and many people think the bugs flat out stink! Well, I have about 8000 points of them so I'm not going anywhere. If I'm going to lose, it's going to be with a fully painted Tyranid collection!

I am also playing in my first tournament this spring, The Dark Star GT. I want to not get completely embarrassed on the table, meet some cool folks, and have many beers. So if you see a loud sarcastic guy with a FTGT tee shirt, come say hi!

Lastly, I want to get better about writing more diverse and more frequent blog posts. I'm hoping anyone mildly interested in my rants and my painting will see a gradual improvement in the quality of my painting. I also hope to delve in to the realm of list building and tactics more. I'm definitely no expert, but I am a guy who thinks about Warhammer 40k way too much so that has to be worth something right?

I hope at least someone other than the people whom I force to read my blog posts finds a tiny bit of enjoyment from them! Coming soon- Darkstar Tyranid painting progress! Until next time!

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