Thursday, August 22, 2013

NOVA Bound: Display Board Update

Just a small update from last night. I didn't take too many pictures of the early stages, in part because it was tedious and boring; namely, drybrushing nearly 4 square feet of black paint with grey paint. In the end it's fairly patchy and I'm not all that happy with it yet. I then went about applying my static grass. I started with a band of green bordering the road, which gives way to a thin band of green and brown, followed by many patches of brown.

Once again, I'm not totally satisfied with the result. The transition between the mix and the green is a little harsh (even though that mix is 3:2 green to brown). The harsher part is actually going from that mix to the patches. I think what I need to do is a combination of extending the mix so some of the brown patches are in the mixed portion, add patches of mix to the green, and adding more, larger patches of brown closer to the edge. All that said, While I'm not sure it looks great now, I think it will look much better with the bases of the army on it, breaking everything up a bit.

Next I moved on to the statue. Thanks goes to +john Ashton who shared his statue and method on the Google+ Warhammer 40k Community. I didn't take a picture of the first coat, but it starts with a Rhinox Hide base. This is followed by an extra thinned mix of Administatum Grey and Kabalite Green. Now, I didn't have any Kabalite Green, but went with my trusty Jade Green instead (Side Note: My second bottle of the Vallejo version is much better than the first). I liberally coated all the metallic parts of my statue. I'm planning on making the base of the plinth stone.

From there, a heavy drybrush of Gehenna Gold will bring back the metal, leaving the verdigris effect in the recesses. 

The flash in the above picture over-emphasizes it, but this effect isn't quite as good looking on the large, flat base. Also, on the plaque, rather than carving or embossing the letters, I painted it in verdigris and a couple shades of lighter and darker gold. Again, the flash emphasizes it, and I think it's a bit more subtle in normal light, which I like.

The board as is, I would estimate about 2/3 complete. I have to touch up and add some lighter grey to the plinth of the statue. I also would like to even out some of the grey drybrushing on the board as well as the grass. The only other steps are to build the frame and paint the tiles. Oh, and of course, add the lane lines on the road. Fortunately it's mostly down to the details now. After that I have the black and teal touch ups on 11 models and then full paint on 10 more to go. Travel this weekend could make some of that difficult, but I'm still confident in finishing the little I have left.

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