Friday, August 23, 2013

Game Turn Checklist

Inevitably, in every game I forget to perform an action in the correct order. Now, in friendly games, opponents often allows you to go back and perform the action if it's within reason. The problem with that is that it doesn't make you learn a lesson, so you'll forget to do X before Y again.

Iz confuzed
In a tournament setting, I don't want to forget something, and I'm not going to ask forgiveness for forgetting something and doing it out of order. I would be reasonable with my opponent, but I'm not going to expect over-kindness if I forget to cast Iron Arm on a monstrous creature. As such, I've decided to put together a turn checklist, trying to call out steps I often forget. Now, keep in mind that this is tailored to NOVA and my list, so I've included some specifics to me. That said, feel free to use this list, and point out things I may have missed or just gotten plain wrong.

First, Game Setup. A lot of the normal steps listed in the reference section of the BRB should already be taken care of at a tournament (like terrain, army list choices, scenario, etc), so those will be omitted.

Game Setup:

  1. Roll off for deployment zones (or are these assigned? At NOVA the terrain is supposed to essentially be a mirror)
  2. Place Fortifications
  3. Determine Warlord Traits
  4. Generate Psychic Powers
  5. Roll for who deploys first
  6. Seize the Initiative
Movement Phase:
  1. Roll for Reserves (Turn 2 on)
  2. Cast Maledictions and Blessings
  3. Assign Swarmlord Ability
  4. Roll for Regeneration
  5. Morale Checks/Compulsory Movement
    1. Instinctive Behavior
    2. Rally fleeing units
  6. Spawn Termagants
  7. Place reserves
  8. Move units
  9. Morale checks for units losing 25%
Shooting Phase:
  1. Unit by unit, declare shooting target or run
    1. Witchfire Powers
  2. Morale checks for units losing 25% of models
Assault Phase:
  1. Charge Sub Phase
    1. Declare a charger
    2. Resolve overwatch
    3. Determine charge distance needed
    4. Roll Charge distance and move chargers
    5. Declare next charging unit
  2. Fight Sub Phase
    1. Choose a combat
    2. Challenges
    3. Fear Checks
    4. Fight in Initiative Steps
      1. Hammer of Wrath (I10)
    5. Determine victor
    6. Roll morale check
    7. Consolidate, Sweeping Advance, or Pile in
    8. Choose next combat
    9. Hit and Run
End of Turn:
  1. Roll for It Will Not Die
What did I miss? Did I get something out of order? I plan on making this into a bit of a printable checklist, with spaces to write things like Warlord Trait and Psychic Powers down for reference.

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