Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mawloc Project and NOVA Update

Between family visiting last weekend and a new puppy who has gotten a minor health problem, I've managed about 30 minutes at the gaming table. This was spent finishing the assembly of 10 hormagaunts and then moving forward on the basing for the Mawloc.

 I started by using superglue to attach a few small pebbles in various places. I followed that up with PVA glue for my typical sand.

I did a second coat of the PVA to expand the amount of sand after dry fitting the cork and seeing where more of the mound would be exposed.

With my main sand down, I broke up the cork piece and began gluing on sections with superglue, trying to press it down to the base where possible to get it to bend rather than just ramp up.

 With the base ringed, I did a quick fit with the torso: 

From here, the next steps are to attach the various broken off bits in a way that imparts motion. That will probably include doing something to have the lowest set of arms of the Mawloc, which normally attach to the tail, emerging and being attached to the base. Then I'll work on the Space Marine (who is now the planned hapless victim) and a friend or two. I should be getting the flame gouts today or tomorrow, but I doubt I'll get table time until Friday.

With NOVA fast approaching, and little of my to-do list getting done, I've had to make some cuts. At this point, I'm becoming resolved to running a Flyrant and Swarmlord, and possibly bringing a Trygon rather than the Gargoyles. As such, the Gargoyles and second Flyrant have been bumped. I've also demoted the mycetic spore to a stretch goal, closely followed by a Doom conversion. I have a few ideas for this conversion, and could get pushed above the Zoanthropes, replacing them in the list.

Must Complete:

  1. Mawloc Project
  2. Paint 8 Devourer Termagants
  3. Paint/Repaint ~ 40 Termagants
    1. 34 Assembled
    2. 17 painted
  4. Paint/Repaint ~ 20 Hormagaunts
    1. Assembly
    2. Paint 10 new
    3. Repaint 10 old
  5. Paint 3 Zoanthropes
  6. Paint/Repaint 3 Biovores
Stretch Goals:
  1. Display Board
  2. Model and Paint 1+ Mycetic Spore
  3. Doom of Malan'tai Conversion
  4. 10+ Gargoyles
  5. Second Flyrant converted from 3rd Edition Hive Tyrant
  6. Magnetized Mawloc/Trygon
  7. 10 Devilgants
  8. 10 Hormagaunts
  9. 2 Tyrant Guard
  10. 4 Hive Guard
I'm hoping the updating paint schemes will be fairly quick. My plan of attack for updating the old scheme is to start by painting half of each plate black and then feathering the midtone in the middle of the black and the old blood red. Then a simple update on the skin highlights and touching up the green, followed by updating the basing to match. Hopefully a much faster process than starting from scratch, but no guarantees. I'm starting to feel the time-crush pressure, which is usually when I get the most done. 

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