Friday, June 17, 2016

FTGT Ron back in the (2 part epoxy putty) mix

Hey Guys!

Ron here, back from a somewhat lengthy 40k break.  I hung out with Evan and Chandler last weekend and managed to sneak in a pair of 1850pt Nova style games.  These were my first 40k games in 10 months, and they reminded me that I actually do still enjoy playing the game .  Yes, some rules are creeping more than a guy in a white van with a mustache, but Tyranids are still my first tabletop hobby love.  As Sheryl Crow put it, the first cut is the deepest.

While I'm probably going to be playing more Infinity than 40k, I will be modeling and painting Nids again full steam.  I still find Nids to be one of, if not the best model ranges GW produces, even if their rules are showing their age.

I will be taking my bugs to Nova again this year, and I really want to focus on getting them painted to the best of my ability.  Ultimate goal is to not lose every single game, and maybe land a top 5-10 finish in painting.  I think I managed 8th overall last year in painting, so it isn't out of the realm of possible.  Last year I had a handful of unfinished minis, and borrowed a display board from Evan that didn't match my basing theme (shots below).

You can see pics of someof the individual models in the army with the following links:

So I'm hoping with touchups, repaints, and a wicked display board (complete with WOLF WORKS lighting!), I can take my army over the top.  I will be posting regularly on the progress and do a final update after the event.

Models that need to be painted:

  • (3) FW ripper bases (stretch goal of 6 total to replace some sprue freebie ones)
  • (1) Mucolid 
  • (1) Flyrant with a flying pose that is about 95% completed. 
Almost there!
Models that need to be repainted:

  • (1) Flyrant with a standard pose.  This guy was done very early on in my collection, and the scheme, while similar, is slightly off on the colors.  I hope to reuse some of the previous layers with washes and new highlights to bring it in line with my new scheme.  I will also be painting him up a pair of Forgeworld Dual Devourers to match my other 3 flyrants. 
Old flyrant next to new

  • (2) Flyrants with minor touchups.  These guys were painted before most of the other models in the army and could use a final highlight here and there.
Display board ideas:
  • I want to incorporate the 'creep' I have on many of my bases, along with the dark earth, static grass, and green flock.  I love the battlefield tufts from Army Painter, so I imagine I'll go through several of those clam packs.  Somewhere on the display board I want to add some lighting, so expect Chandler to guest star on that project.
  • I'd love for the bases to be "recessed" into the board, with the ground having a good amount of height variation to match many of my bases. 
  • I'll need a few imperial debris scattered around, and some rocky portions to tie in those elements on random bases here and there in the army.
So all in all, not too much to do!  The display board will take the most time, but hopefully will take my army to the next level.

Here are some parting shot of two mucolids I created for Bryan.  I'll be making one for myself shortly.

Hope you are inspired for your own Tyranid painting, and come say hi if you see me at Nova!  I'll be one of the nerds in the FTGT shirts.



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