Wednesday, June 22, 2016

FTGT Painting WIP Wednesday - Spyder Bases

Hey guys, back again for another WIP Wednesday update. Things have been a bit slow the last couple weeks, despite knocking out the Tankbursting Mawloc over the weekend. The Warhound was temporarily shelved, but I should be getting back to him next week.

In the meantime, I'm wrapping up a commission for three Spyders, and working on their custom bases, which include creating and adding crystals. The crystals were shaved out of extra bits of sprue with an exacto-knife.

Once the crystals were in I added sand and set them aside to dry. Once dry they'll get a light, cool gray paint on the rocks to compliment the spiders, and then a glowing ice blue on the crystals.

I also did a little side work on getting my Mucolids started, and may complete them somewhat soon as they're fairly simple models. I also primed some Lictors while I was at it, along with a fourth flyrant made from Forgeworld Wings and my metal third edition Hive Tyrant.

Again, a pretty small update this week. I plan on completing the Spyders and getting back into the Kabalite Warriors and/or the Warhound next week. Also, I've been troubleshooting my Twitch stream and I think I resolved the issue I was having where it would lag and buffer, and then cut off playbacks. So, if you get a chance, check out my Twitch channel to follow along as I paint and, in the future, maybe stream some games, tabletop or otherwise. Thanks guys.

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