Friday, July 24, 2015

The Lion, The Wolf, and The Conclave: List Building

What is up guys?  It has been a while for a good list building post, but with ATC this weekend and NOVA in a month, the blog has been talking about all kinds of lists and list building. Well, I decided to do something that would have a funny reference in the name, but then could also bring together a couple of armies that may not fully like each other in the fluff, but could get the job done. This is a 3 source list using the Dark Angels, the Space Wolves, and Iron Hands. Three Legions to dive onto the field using Bikes, Wolves, and Psyker Bikes.

Now for this List:  We are rolling with the Company of the Great Wolf, The Ravenwing Formation, and The Librarius Conclave.

The Lion - 630 pts.

Ravenwing Strike Force
HQ:  Sammael on Corvex

Fast Attack:  Nephilim Jetfighter
                      Ravenwing Attack Bike Squad - Teleport Homer

Elites:  Ravenwing Command Squad
            - 4 Black Knights (Champion, Apothecary, Company Banner)

The Wolf - 830 pts.

Company of the Great Wolf

HQ:  Harald Deathwolf

Elites:  Iron Priest - (2x Cyberwolves)
             Iron Priest - (2x Cyberwolves)

Fast Attack:  Stormwolf - 2x TL Multi Melta, TL Lascannon
                     Thunderwolf Calvary - 3x Storm Shield/Chainsword, Pack Leader with Power             Sword/Storm Shield

 The Conclave - 390 pts.

4 Librarians - 4x Bike, 2 ML 1, 2 ML 2, 2x Force Sword, Force Axe, Force Staff
If Only He could be on a Wolf or a Bike......
How does this list work? It is a Double Death Star List. This list can split guys to send them wherever they are needed. This means that I can attach Sammael or Harald into either the Command Squad or Thunderwolf Calvary when it is required. The Psykers can split to go with each deathstar, or if we need a brutal spot in the middle, it can roll together. Harald was chosen because he can actually absorb 4 wounds as well as if he is in front, all Flamer shots against him are ignored (meaning on the charge, Heavy Flamers, Flamers, or Flame Weapons do not hit anyone, he absorbs and ignores).  Then you can bring the Jetfighter and the Stormwolf in to do whatever is needed, because they can either go after flyers or flying MCs or go after certain ground targets.

The only question really is, what Chapter Tactics do you choose for the Conclave?  You can do the Iron Hands to try to get a potential 3+ FNP with Endurance or a standard 4+ in the Command Squad, or White Scars for the ability to have some hammer of wrath hits with the hit and run attached to the Thunderwolves. Still a Theory, but I can't wait to try this list out.

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