Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NOVA Bound: List Building and Event Changeups

After some finagling and politicking, I managed to snag myself a NOVA Invitational slot. As a result, I won't be able to play in Trios on the Thursday of NOVA. Fortunately, Rick stepped up and offered to take my place on the team with Todd and Ron. Looking at the countdown to the right, time is quickly running out and I need to lock down my lists and knock out some painting.

First off, there's the Invitational to plan for. I definitely feel some pressure to up my game, with my goal being to make it out of the first round of this single elimination event against some super tough lists. To this end, I'm not bringing the Tyranids for this event, but going to try out a variation of a Necron MSU list with some fluff abomination Eldar Formation shenanigans.

This army needs a competitive face-lift
Essentially, the list is a Decurion with 4 Canoptek Harvests and then an Eldar Aspect Host with three units of Warp Spiders. So far have only played one test game with it against myself and my Tyranid list, and it made depressingly short work of my bugs. That said, I think that's a favorable matchup to begin with for Necrons.

Part of me is tempted to take the more powerful list for the GT itself and just shelve the bugs this year, but I still have my resolution to improve my painting score, and my Necrons just won't cut it, not to mention I'll be borrowing some of the Canoptek Harvests and Warp Spiders I need.

Love the mini, but he is eating a lot of points in my list (which is a good and bad thing)
So with my GT list as decidedly my more "fun" list, I still have some painting to do. After the Road to the NOVA Open Champioship RTT and some of the debates about Mucolids' interaction with some Secondaries, I'm debating dropping the Sporefield from my list in favor of another set of Rippers and a 6th Lictor. Either way, I'll probably paint up the Sporefield with the Mucolids I do need, just in case.

With the Invitational and then my GT list, my To Do list looks like this:

  • Must Paint:
    • 5 Lictors - 2 partially painted, 3 partially assembled
    • Mawloc - 90% assembled
    • 3 Mucolids - partially painted,
    • 3 Ripper bases - partially painted
    • 6 Wraiths - 3 assembled
    • 1-2 Spyders - partially assembled
    • 3 Tomb Blades
    • 10 Warp Spiders
  • Stretch Goals
    • Flyrant Touch-ups
    • Army-wide touchups
    • Touchups/niddification of Bastion
    • Lictor
    • New/Updated Display Board (Tyranids)
    • 3 Mucolids - primed/partially painted
    • 7+ Spore Mines - primed
That's honestly a pretty intimidating list. I'm planning on having a hobby weekend in two weeks with Ron and Chandler and cranking out as much as I can in that time. To that end, the bits and pieces of time I get between now and then will be mostly devoted to assembling models so they're ready to go. Namely, I need to assemble the Tomb Blades and Wraiths, and make sure the Mawloc is ready to go on his dynamic entry base (more on that to come). 

Wish me luck, and hopefully I'll have some hobby progress posts for everyone soon. 

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