Friday, July 31, 2015

Facing The Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 25: The Return of Mike Brandt

What is up everyone?  It is another Friday and another Podcast is ready.  This week on the show saw a return from one of our favorite TO's and Life Coaches, Mike Brandt.  Mike joined us as he did last year to promote the NOVA, talk about everything that is going on this year, some new events, some new features, and all the shenanigans we could fit in before his phone died.  This is Part 1, where Mike talks up the NOVA and the boys are excited to talk shop.  To end the show, Evan talks about his newest list that he has thrown together that brings Necrons and Eldar to the field.  It is a little something we like to call Arachnophobia.

Brandt is Back and ready to lay out everything NOVA.

In case you haven't heard, this is a pretty big event with a lot of great things.
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As mentioned in the show, here is the site for the NOVA Open along with the armies for the Doctors without Borders Raffle Armies.

Nova Open

Capital Palette Painting Competitions

Information on the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

Sons of Orar Space Marine Army: Picture (NOVA Raffle)

Craftworld Alaitoc Eldar Army: Picture (NOVA Raffle)

The NOVA Open Raffle Purchase Page (If Interested)

Facing the Grey Tide Podcast - Episode 25: The Return of Mike Brandt
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Intro and Exit Provided by Donnie Drost, Angry Ophelia's Song featuring Musetta, edited from original version, 2009 Licensed under Creative Commons

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