Wednesday, July 1, 2015

47 Weeks of Grey: Week 3 Update. On Leathery Wings They Approach and Managing the Itch to Play Another Army.

Hey everyone,

BeeCee here. Chugging along on my personal 47 Weeks of Grey challenge.

This week I decided to hammer on some of the 60 gargoyles I have waiting to hit the table. I tried to copy the same pattern I put on the larger Tyranid flying monstrous creatures.

WIP from last year of one of my Tyrants
It's always a fine balance to strike as you are painting a collection of models to keep the colors consistent while you are hopefully becoming a better painter. I think the part of the model that really stands out is the wings so if you can get them looking ok, you have won most of the battle.

WIP from the gargoyles, I tried to replicate the wing pattern on every one.
So far the to do list is down roughly 20 hormagaunts, 10 gargoyles and a partial Tyrannofex. It hasn't been running perfectly but overall I am happy with the progress so far. Work/home life has been super busy so I am going to use the July 4th weekend and following week to catch up on some life stuff and hit you guys back with another update around July 10th.

So now that the hobby update is out of the way, I want to talk about the dilemma of the "New Army Itch." The New Army Itch is common and constant battle that I fight and the source of large chunks of my Grey Tide. I can't tell you all how many times I am inspired at a tourney or by a post that I see online or just reading through the multitude of army options we have in 40k right now to start a new army.

I am not just talking about buying a unit and painting it up and then buying another unit and so forth like you normal folks do it. I am talking about all in New Army Itch. The kind where you buy an 1850 army at once on a whim.

Plastic crack! Get it? C'mon, that was witty! OK maybe not.
I live far away from a game store so my 40k habit must be fed via mail order. Mail order is a blessing and a curse for 40k players. The blessing is you can usually find great deals, in fact you can easily find 20-25% off retail on a regular basis with a flat rate shipping. This is where the addiction gets the best of me, I figure "what the hell, I am already paying shipping. I might as well make it worth it." Next thing you know, BAM! A new army arrives at my door 3-4 business days later and instantly the backlog is increased by months, maybe even a year.

The bastard in this case is me, especially when i buy an 1850 army on a whim!
I have a remedy that I am going to try for this. I am going to paint a 1000 point army for all the armies that I own (Tyranids, Blood Angels, Eldar, Dark Eldar). Obviously the Nids are in a good place so I am going to focus on the others. This will allow me a variety of armies to play and playstyles to hopefully strengthen my resolve when it comes to buying new stuff.

Without further adieu, Let's talk about the Eldar list first. This list is built to go up against a good friend's Decurion Necrons and other armies that are built to win games but still allow me to play some nice looking models and units I like.

1000 points of Craftworld Eldar, Combined Arms Detachment:

Farseer on Windrunner with a Singing Spear
5 Scatter Laser Jetbikes with an attached Warlock
4 Scatter Laser Jetbikes
4 Scatter Laser Jetbikes
5 Fire Dragons
Crimson Hunter
5 Warp Spiders
Falcon with Bright Lance

So you might see some Eldar updates intermingled with the Tyranid ones and later Dark Eldar and Blood Angels as I try to stave off the New Army Itch for another day!

See you next time for another update, until then *insert witty BeeCee catch phrase here*

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