Monday, June 1, 2015

Lictor Pose Conversion #2 - FTGTRon

Hey Everyone!
Ron here with another lictor pose conversion.

This is my second lictor with a converted pose, you can see my first here.  I wanted a lictor leaping through the air, flesh hooks firing, claws stretched out wide, pouncing on his prey.  I couldn't find any artwork that I liked depicting a pose like this so I made a (very basic) sketch.  My process for sketches is to set the actual model pieces down near my artwork for reference and try to sketch them in a rough 1 to 1 scale in the new pose I'm going for.  The sketch helps me to get a pose that looks believable on the finished model.

So the first thing I needed to do was bend the tail with hot water.

Then I hacked up the legs at the joints, pinned and re positioned them to the sketched pose.

I drilled a hole under the ribcage with a pin vice and inserted a 1/16th" brass rod to hold the model in place.  I also drilled a hole on the base and glued the rod to the base.
I then filled the gaps with green stuff, adding the horizontal striations tyranids typically have at extended joints.

Next up I cut, pinned, re-positioned, and gap filled the upper arms. 
Next I created the mouth tendrils using the tentacle maker toolbox from green stuff industries.  This is an amazing tool, and I can't speak highly enough about it.  I wrapped them around a brass pin, which I used to anchor them to the head where I cut off the existing tentacles (drilling out a pin hole for the brass pin to go in).  
I used rending claws from the ravener kit, and flesh hooks from the warrior kit to finish up the conversion. 
I then added some sand and cork rubble, and green stuffed some creep on the base.

Finally I painted him up, here is the finished product:

For my next conversion I'll be taking a small break from lictors to work on a minor Mawloc conversion with a closed mouth. 

Stay tuned!  Thanks for reading


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