Monday, June 15, 2015

FTGT Hobby Challenge Wrap Up

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge, and apologies for the delay. Life has been hectic and I let the wrap up of the first FTGT Hobby Budget Challenge fall by the wayside. While we had a few dropouts (myself included) we still had a few people complete 6 months of painting and post up some awesome progress on their armies.

Great job to Daniel for knocking out this 1,500 point army!

Lucas's Dark Angels have come together nicely
Check out the Facebook Group for more pics of everyone's work, and I hope everyone still feels like sharing their ongoing progress, despite the challenge formally ending. 

As for me, I was able, over the course of the challenge, to paint 2 Riptides, 12 Firewarriors, a Devilfish, 4 Gun Drones, a Tyrannocyte (and unoficially a Dimachaeron, Flyrant, and 3 Rippers), 10 Lychguard, a Destroyer Lord, Zahndrekh, Obyron, and a Necron Overlord. 

In the last month plus, my free time has been taken up by a few home projects, though I have been working on my first official commission work (and my client is being extremely understanding and patient) on some Pink Horrors.

They're about 2 hours from done
As I mentioned, my time has largely been taken up by house work, which includes laying new floors and helping paint up a sweet room for a new addition to my FTGT family, coming in the end of the year. 

Hobby applied!
For my personal hobby painting path ahead, I have to knock out the two commissions I have, while also getting ready for NOVA. I've pretty much fully settled on my list, and have a modest paint list for it: 
  • Must Paint:
    • 5 Lictors (all 5 in various states of paint/assembly, including deathleaper, 2 metal 3E Lictors, and 2 converted Finecast)
    • Mawloc (conversion about 80%)
    • 6 Mucolids (converted and assembled)
    • 7 Spore Mines
  • Repaint/Update:
    • Flyrant: Only airbrushed, and not happy with him, plus has chipped some. 
    • Bastion: Pretty simple job and could be done nicer
    • Display Board: I have 2 usable boards, but would love to do something a little more extravagant, and also tie in the bastion better. 
Again, thanks to everyone who participated in the hobby challenge. It was awesome and inspiring to see everyone's progress. 

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