Thursday, June 25, 2015

FTGT Painting: 10 Pink Horrors - Commission

Hey guys. I recently did a sort of "soft-open" for my commission painting service and took on my first couple jobs from some local guys who were awesome enough to give me a shot and also patient enough to deal with me and my crazier than expected schedule. First up was a Daemon commission for Sha of 10 Pink Horrors and a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch.

I started with the unit of horrors. Sha wanted a purple and blue scheme to match his other Tzeentch minis for his Chaos Space Marines and Daemons (and a Chaos Knight). He wanted the horrors to be predominantly purple with blue as an accent.

I started out with a dark blue basecoat, followed by a purple highlight for the mid tone. Next was a highlight of more of a lilac purple.

After the airbrush basecoat was done, I started blocking in the bone and gold elements with a brown. I also went back and added a blue wash in the recesses of the skin to bring out some of the details that I felt were washed out a bit. Then I did a blue flame effect for the couple spots of flame and the eyes of each of the models and added the bone elements to fingernails, teeth, and horns.

Then came the metals; for silvers I did a Vallejo black metal followed by a silver, and for the gold I did a standard gold with touches of silver for highlights. After a couple more details and touchups, the minis themselves were done.

All that was left was the bases. I painted the bases the same light blue as the flames, and then used a crackle medium, topped with a grey texture paint. I then went back and added some highlights to the texture with lighter greys. The blue cracks are a little subtler than I was hoping for, but I'm happy with how the minis turned out, and more importantly, so is Sha.

My favorite model out of the batch is probably the Icon Bearer, just because the Icon has a lot of the elements that added contrast.

With these guys done, it's on to the Daemon Prince, who will be to some extent and inverted version of this scheme, with predominantly blue skin and purple recesses, but also have purple armour.

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