Thursday, June 4, 2015

47 Weeks of Grey, a quick week 1 update.

Hey Everyone,

BeeCee here once again with a quick update.

If you remember last week, I revealed my year long plan to paint all of my Tyranids. Well it's time to account for week 1. I tried to keep it pretty simple on myself to kick this thing off and worked on unit of 12 hormagaunts. I kind of got on a roll and painted up a bunch of them but I ran out of time to get all the highlighting done on them. I plan on going back to that in addition to the week two unit.

WIP pics of the Hormagaunts
It turns out that hormagaunts are not slowed by running on a towel.
As I got started with these guys I realized that in my earlier 40k days I did not do a good job of dealing with mold lines, I used too much glue at times, and used a subpar primer. I'd love to tell you that those are the reason the paint job doesn't look amazing but in reality I'm still a rookie at this painting thing.

Blurry makes it look better? Better pics for next week! hopefully.
So that brings the total numbers of models painted to 20 so far for the challenge and 100 points. Week two is up next.

One of my goals for this 47 weeks of Grey challenge (Yes, I named it!) is to become a better painter. With that in mind, I am going to try to step up the game and get rid of the pure white skin. I will be looking to do that and post better pics for some meaningful feedback from all of you!

Week two is going to be a Tyrannofex or some other monstrous creature so I can work on the skin better. See you all next week!

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