Monday, April 13, 2015

Wolf Works Lighting - The Wolf Sled of Grimnar Conversion

It is with great pleasure that I am here to show you the newest model from Wolf Works Lighting. When the first pictures of the Space Wolves book came out, people were talking about the might Wolf Sled. Logan Grimnar's personal ride that makes him look a little like Santa, a little like a Norse God, and all Bad Ass. Except for the fact that it doesn't really fit into the realm of the Space Wolves. The internet then gave us this beauty below. It was from this image that the designers at Wolf Works took to trying to bring this model to life.

So without further delay, here is Logan Grimnar's Personal El Camino.

Now unfortunately, none of the pictures I have actually have the Lord of War in the back, but I will post an update with it later.  The model was converted from an El Camino with a few Wolf Upgrades. First is that the model has two Space Wolves riding in it with guns ready. Second is the hood looks a little more like a muscle car in the grim dark future with the added treads for all terrain mobility. The last updates were LEDs for brake lights, engine lights, and front lights. This is all powered off of a 9 volt battery

Now as you can see there are some wires hanging out the back and a green item underneath. This is part of the sound System that was created for his ride.  So with the simple press of a Button.  You have a true Low Rider.

Logan can now go into battle:  WITH STYLE.

Until Next Time, This is Wolf Works Lighting; Trying to light up 40k, one model at a time.

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