Thursday, April 9, 2015

List Building: Local 1k

It's been a long time since I've been able to make the monthly 1k Tournament at my local store, but it's looking like I should be able to make it this month. For this time around, I'm planning on likely using an adaptation of the list I used a couple weeks ago at the Lost Level (+UP) Tournament.

The list I took to the Lost Level tournament was a Royal Court with Zahndrekh, Obyron, and Orikan, and a CAD lead by a Destroyer Lord, with 9 Lychguard with shields and two groups of 5 Immortals. The army had less success than I'd hoped, with it largely coming down to having too many eggs in one basket. The game it worked it worked to devastating effect, but in two of the games my opponent was able to either tie up the star with Wraiths or kill it with Gerantius. In part bad matchups, but those will happen. In response, at the 1k level, I'm planning on adjusting the list a little bit.

My first adjustment was to drop the royal court and take just Orikan and Zahndrekh, with 10 Lychguard, the two groups of Immortals, and then some spice with the 260 points remaining. I want to stick to painted models, so the standout possibilities for those 260 points are 20 Warriors, 2 Night Scythes, 2 Annihilation Barges, or a Transcendent C'Tan. There's also the option to drop some Lychguard to add more punch elsewhere.

One issue I'm having with the list is a lack of punch against armor - while the Lychguard unit will survive for a while against a Knight, they can't hurt it either, having dropped the Warscythes from the list. With that in mind, either the Destroyer Lord or an Overlord with Scythe become preferable, even though Zealot as a guaranteed warlord trait is excellent.

The Transcendent C'Tan is tempting, in part as a bit of a joke, since the last local tournament I went to I took the Lord of War version. The current version is highly unpredictable, which makes it a bit of a liability. Annihilation Barges might be my last choice as they're just not very good anymore, though the smaller board size mitigates their short range and mobility issues. On the flip side - the Night Scythes have almost the opposite problem, where the board is almost too small for their swift flight.

After dropping Zahndrekh for an overlord with Scythe (50 points in savings and an excuse to field the awesome new mini) and dropping a single Lychguard, I wound up with 90 points to play with if I took the C'Tan, which slots in 5 Deathmarks nicely.

I still have a few days to change my mind, but right now I'm looking at this list:

  • Orikan
  • Overlord: Warscythe
  • 5 Immortals: Gauss
  • 5 Immortals: Gauss
  • 5 Deathmarks
  • 9 Lychguard: Dispersion Shields
  • Transcendent C'Tan
The army is a little slow, but that's less of an issue on a 4x4 board. The Deathmarks give me some ability to get anywhere, and the C'Tan and Lychstar are super durable, even without a 2+ tank. A knight still isn't an easy proposition for the army by any stretch, but the C'Tan potentially adds some shooting punch (though random) that can help soften one up before the Overlord tries to bring it down. 

While less likely than any edits to my Necron list, part of me wants to take my Taudar to take advantage of the 6th Edition OP Eldar Codex that sounds about ready to go away. 

Anyway, if you're in my area on Sunday - come out to the store and play in the 1k Tournament with me. 

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