Thursday, April 16, 2015

Space Wolf List Building - Outflanking Mech

What's up everyone?  It has been a long time since I did a post on list building and that is because life found me, beat me, and proceeded to stomp on my throat.  Luckily, I have been able to list build during that time to keep my mind back on 40k.  Recently, Evan and I have been talking and I realized that I want to try to bring a list or a way of thinking that doesn't rely on formations. So I began looking at my wolves and what we can do with just our Codex.  That means no formations, no Supplements, just the book, a unique Detachment, and a lot of mobile units.  This is a Wolves Unleashed Detachment using a lot of outflanking rides.

Winter is Coming!

The idea behind this list is to take full advantage of the special rule, Cunning of the Wolf, that allows for every unit to outflank on a 6+.  It also allows a special character to join a troop unit to outflank on a 4+.  In addition, each round starting with round 2, one unit is allowed to automatically come in without rolling. So if you need a heavy hitter, they can roll in Turn 2 looking to bring the pain.

Now this list is built around hopefully Outflanking the Crap out of everything.

To start:

HQ:  Total - 375 Pts.

Rune Priest Level 2 in the Armour of Russ with a Rune Sword - 120

Rune Priest Level 2 in Terminator Armour with Rune Staff - 110

Ulrik The Slayer - Warlord - 145

Elites:  Total - 110 Pts.

Iron Priest - 55

Iron Priest - 55

Heavy Support:  Total - 765 Pts.

Land Raider with Mult Melta - 260

Land Raider Redeemer with Multi Melta - 250

Stormfang Gunship with 2 TL Multi Meltas, TL Lascannon, and Helfrost Destructor - 255

Troops:  Total - 600 Pts.

Blood Claws (X3) - 60 each for 180

Blood Claws with LazBack and Hunter Killer Missile - 145

Blood Claws with Stormwolf with TL Las Cannon, TL Helfrost Cannon, and 2x TL Heavy Bolter - 275

Now, the beauty of this is that I can take each of the Blood Claws and load them up with whatever Independent Character is needed for the job.  For example, I need my Land Raiders to be alive or possibly repair, then I add in the Iron Priests.  I want my Flyers to bring in troops and hold the fort down with some Psyker D, then I throw a Blood Claw pack and Rune Priest or Ulrik together.

The main "tactic" with this army is that for each unit I roll a D6 and on a 6 I get Outflank, and with the Space Wolves Acute Senses, I have a 90% success rate of bringing these guys on where I need them, when I need them, and bringing what I need.  This, as I understand it, will be conferred to their Dedicated transport or to their transport that they are in.  Now of course, this is hoping it isn't FAQed and of course I would check this with a Tournament before bringing it, but I like the feel of it.  It isn't quite 5 edition spam mech list, but it has that kind of traditional flair that I like.  Plus who doesn't like the idea of outflanking a flyer or two, or maybe even the Godhammer.

So Hopefully this list has that flair for the Dramatic and can have a couple of units do something awesome.

Until Next Winter.

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