Friday, January 2, 2015

FTGT 2014 In Review

As we begin 2015, I thought I would take a quick look back at 2014 for the blog, which was a very impressive and humbling one for the blog. The blog hit 40,000 views on Halloween in 2013 and began 2014 just under 67,000 views. In 2014 we had well over 200,000 views. I am constantly humbled and amazed that this project of mine has taken off as it has. Thank you to all the readers, whether you participate and comment regularly, stop in from time to time, or read just once. Thank you.

2014 began with Tyranids releasing to less that exuberant reviews, though some very cool kits with it. In a last hurrah with the 5th Edition codex, I went to the SCARAB GT and met a great group of guys, and took home my first Best Painted award. We also kicked off the FTGT Podcast, which was a new media for us.

February saw NOVA registration open, meaning I started game-planning some lists early on. February also hinted at the breakneck release pace we would see for 40k in the year, with Imperial Knights coming out, and Legion of the Damned getting a "codex" of their own.

In March, BeeCee represented the blog at the Darkstar GT, taking home the Best Tyranid prize. I began my dabbling with Torrent of Fire Stats. The less than impressive Tyranid Codex got a boost with three Supplements, and Chaos Space Marines got a second Supplement; Codex Crimson Slaughter. I also started my Necron army with a binge painting day.

In April, we chipped in and helped get a small RTT put together local to me and Chandler. Ron came down for the tournament and pulled out a second place finish. The blog also celebrated it's first birthday.

In May, we were all pretty surprised to get 7th Edition for 40k. Chandler unveiled his lit up Dark Talon and Bryan committed to improving his painting.

June saw the Orks drop and everyone start to really dig into the changes from 7th Edition. Chandler and I visited Ron in Richmond and went to SpikeyCon, hanging out with Rob and Kenny from Forge the Narrative.

In July, Ron and I continued preparation for NOVA, while Bryan went to and won a Feast of Blades Qualifying event.

August was largely about the new Space Wolves and Thunderwolves, and NOVA. Chandler ended up filling in for Ron when he couldn't make it to the GT. With Todd from Sincain40k, our Trios Team took home a best painted prize.

In September, the blog got a little quieter as 3/4 of us recovered from NOVA. Meanwhile, Bryan continued his preparation for the Renegade Open. October was largely the same.

November blew the doors off the Tyranid codex with three new kits entirely out of the blue, and an expanded rules through Shield of Baal. As crazy as the release schedules have been, this was a release that definitely rejuvenated the Tyranid love on the blog, and added excitement that was missing from the original release.

Finally, the year ended with the FTGT Hobby Challenge kicking off. The participation from the community on the Facebook Group has been outstanding. Thanks to everyone for joining in and keeping us motivated.

It has been a wild year. Thank you for being a part of it, and I hope you remain so in 2015.

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