Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gaming Weekend and FTGT Kill Team Tournament

A couple weekends ago, we held a gaming weekend at my house. As part of the weekend's festivities, I held a small Kill Team Tournament, encouraging local participants in the FTGT Hobby Challenge to join in and bring their painted minis from December.

For the Kill Team tournament we had 6 participants playing three rounds on some great, dense terrain.

 Pizza and fun was had by all. At the end of the day, I walked away with first place with my OP Tau. I think one of the coolest parts was that everyone had at least one win. The Kill Team games were a lot of fun and super fast, with games rarely extending beyond 45 minutes, even with pizza arriving mid round.

To cap off the evening Ron and I played a quick test game, with Ron commanding Adamantine Lance and Eldar, which thoroughly stomped my somewhat fun Tyranid list.

Meanwhile, with a second board setup, Will and Sha fought a Dark Angel vs. Space Wolf Grudge Match.

The evening ended with several rounds of Boss Monster (four players is intense) and finally a late night Malifaux game with Ron. The game ended well past when we were ready to go to sleep, with my last Gremlin killing his last model with a Dumb Luck trigger, killing himself as well.

Looking back there were a couple rules mistakes, but I was thoroughly impressed by the Malifaux rules. Several times, Ron would ask a complicated rules question. I would reply that I had no idea how a certain interaction of rules worked. I was always surprised to flip through the rule book and quickly find a section of the rule in question that explicitly described the scenario we were curious about.

Thanks for checking out the pic dump, and double thanks to everyone who made it over to roll some dice.

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