Monday, January 5, 2015

FTGT Budget Challenge Update - The Wolves of the Redmaw

What is up everyone?  Over the break I finished off the painting of my models.  These models were the members of Pack Ironhealm.  I was also planning to paint up the Wolf Guard Battle Leader as well, but I screwed up, put together my Rune Priest (also screwing up the weapon that he was suppose to be outfitted with), and finished everything except for the Basing.

Enjoy the Pictures of Pack Ironhealm.

So before the pictures, I have to say that I screwed up because I have a list of models for each pack and when I was getting everything together, I built the wrong model.  So my first bit of advice, make sure that you don't get a head of yourself, when building your models.  Also, don't misplace your list while you are building stuff.  So I now present:  Pack Ironhealm.


Pack Ironhealm

Æsier Ironhelm

Rune Priest Thorgard Thunderhead 

Three Members of Pack

Two More Members

Thunderhead with Wolf Guard

Ironhealm with Two Others

The Full Pack
Now one thing you might notice is that I have not based these models.  This is because I am still working on figuring out how to base them.  Evan did an awesome technique for the Dreadnought he made for me, and I want him to show me how to do this.  So the Challenge was 90% done with only the basing left to do.  I am not giving myself a 100% only because of the missed basing.

Next up is Grey Hunter Pack Hellscream with it's Twin Linked Lascannon Razorback, Hand of the Jarl.

See you in January and Good Luck to everyone in their January Challenge.

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