Monday, November 3, 2014

More Tyranid Multikit Pic Dump

More pics have been leaked, and the other options from the kit have been leaked, including some rules for the Mucolid and Sporocyst, which is the multi-kit with the previously posted tyrannocyte.

It looks like the Mucolid at least is on a 40mm base, lending some credence to the idea that three will be on the kit.

The rules for the Mucloids are awesome, with them allowed to assault Zooming Flyers and Swooping Flying Monstrous creatures. They are living bombs, and will explode at S8 AP3. And only 15 points a model!

The third item from the group is the Sporocyst, which can Infiltrate. It is mostly a landed Tyrannocyte, and is immobile. It also acts as a Synapse Buffer, adding 6" to the Synapse range of Synapse creatures within 6".

Some addition rules.

Finally, is a teaser for the following week, including a teaser for another Psychic creature (or a replacement?)

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